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  1. celebrity
    One Husband to Rule Them AllJason Momoa has outdone himself.
  2. husbands
    Serena Williams’s Husband Proves Pettiness Is RomanticWith a subtle display of pettiness against Serena’s “rival,” Maria Sharapova.
  3. ex husbands
    Gwyneth Paltrow Wields Massive Influence Over Ex-husband’s Life (But It’s Chill)The Goop founder is reportedly playing matchmaker with Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson.
  4. wedding season
    3 Married Men Talk About Taking Their Wife’s Last NameWhen it just makes more sense.
  5. saved by the blume
    Angel Judy Blume Just Saved That Brooklyn Man’s MarriageAre you there, Judy? It’s me, bonehead husband.
  6. husbands
    Carrie Underwood Calls Her Husband ‘My Most Awesome Accessory’Husbands: just around to brighten your outfit. 
  7. married life
    Study: Men Let Themselves Go After MarriageThe chubby hubby persists. 
  8. priorities
    Study: One Out of Ten Women Prefers Pets to PartnersGoing to the dogs. 
  9. calm yourselves
    Study: Women, It’s All on You to Recover Post-FightLet your husband stew and fuss. He doesn’t matter.
  10. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Brad Pitt, the Most Covetable PartnerThe man with the lion’s mane supports Jolie through and through.