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  1. sports
    Why Is Selena Gomez Wearing Justin Bieber’s Sweaty Hockey Jersey?There’s no way that thing smelled okay after his game.
  2. In Search of the Best Way to Time Your Daily ShowerAre you team morning, or team right-before-bed?
  3. The World Is Covered in Feces, So Wash Your Hands, PleaseThink about this the next time you see someone bite their nails or rub their eyes on the train.
  4. love bites
    11 Percent of Americans Have Ended a Relationship Over Bad HygieneMake a clean break, find a cleaner person to date. 
  5. Which Gets Hands Cleaner: Paper Towels or Air Dryers?A public restroom hygienic battle.
  6. gone in 20 seconds
    You Probably Aren’t Washing Your Hands Long EnoughHow to time twenty seconds in your head.