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  1. i don’t
    Why Do I Want to Get Married So Bad?I thought I was better than this.
  2. i don’t
    8 Married People on the Truth About Wedding-Night Sex“It was the absolutely very last thing I wanted to do.”
  3. i don’t
    I Married the Perfect Man for the ApocalypseWhat choosing a husband means.
  4. Why You Want a Surprise Proposal Even If You Know You’re Getting MarriedDeconstructing a choreographed ritual.
  5. my two cents
    How to Survive Wedding Season When You’re BrokeDon’t pay anyone to do your hair.
  6. i don’t
    Why Weddings in Books Are Always TerribleIf a novel begins with a happy wedding, it is only to serve as harrowing contrast to whatever it is that comes next.
  7. i don’t
    I Faked Being Engaged for the DiscountsMy mission to exploit the wedding industrial complex.
  8. i don’t
    Please Just Text Me: Against Fancy Wedding InvitationsThey’re a nightmare of self-presentation, and so easy to ignore.
  9. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: Reality Hit After He ProposedTwo exes explain why it ended.
  10. advice
    Ask a Boss: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Weddings and WorkWhich co-workers to invite, how much vacation time to take, and more.
  11. i don’t
    Instagram Has Ruined Wedding SeasonHashtags are for strangers and other truths about nuptials in the social-media era.
  12. i don’t
    7 Stories of Total Wedding DisastersTrue tales of worst-case scenarios, from natural disasters to infidelity to permanent brain damage.
  13. i don’t
    Unconventional Tips for the Unconventional BrideRustic barn? Doughnut cake? Converse under your dress? They’ve all been done.