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I Don’t Know Her

  1. politics
    Trump Can’t Really Pretend Not to Know Prince AndrewTrump said he “doesn’t know” the disgraced royal in a recent interview, but was photographed with him five months ago.
  2. i don’t know her
    Wait, Who Is Kaitlynn Carter?An abbreviated biography of the woman entangled in Miley Cyrus’s breakup drama.
  3. i don’t know her
    Does Gwyneth Paltrow Even Know Her Co-Stars?Sebastian Stan is the latest Marvel actor to say Paltrow doesn’t remember him.
  4. i don’t know her
    Martha Stewart Bravely Asks, ‘Who’s Goop?’Andy Cohen had to explain Goop to her.
  5. i don’t know her
    Britney Spears Can’t Recall Ever Meeting a ‘Taylor Swift’“I’ve never met her before.”
  6. i don’t know her
    Kerry Washington Politely Asks for Her Face BackWill magazines oblige?
  7. i dont know her
    Rihanna’s Met Gown Designer Had Never Heard of HerBefore the star catapulted her to global recognition.