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  1. i tried it
    The $2,500 MRI That Told Me I Might Drink Too MuchI could have told you that without a scan.
  2. i tried it
    Yes, Plant-Based Hair ExistsI tried out sustainable braiding hair for two months, and now I want my synthetic braiding hair back.
  3. beauty
    I Tried Dior’s New Capture Totale SerumHere is why it could be the future of skin care.
  4. first person
    I Tried It: Estrogen Face CreamRubbing estrogen onto my face seemed scary, until it wasn’t.
  5. swellness
    I Tried … SolidcoreBut I didn’t sign over to the cult just yet.
  6. i tried it
    Can Reciting a Daily Mantra Make You Treat Yourself Better?For weeks, I’ve been repeating kind messages to my reflection.
  7. i tried it
    Okay, Fine, Journaling Kind of WorksAfter years of carrying around an empty notebook, I finally forced myself to write down my weirdest, dumbest thoughts.
  8. i tried it
    Can Golden Hour Fix Your Brain?For a week, I attempted to find out.