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Ice Dancing

  1. what’s good
    Are You Emotionally Prepared for This Episode of Queer Eye?What’s good this week.
  2. good sports
    Hooray for Sexual Ice Dancing, and for Brothers and SistersIt’s a shame that outside of the Olympics we do not typically gather to watch people have sex on ice.
  3. good sports
    A Wardrobe Malfunction — at the Olympics!Poor Gabriella Papadakis.
  4. winter olympics 2018
    Why Do I Care So Much That These Two Canadian Ice Dancers Aren’t Dating?An investigation into my own obsession with Canadian skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.
  5. good sports
    What Song Would You Skate to at the Olympics?And would you ice dance romantically with your brother?
  6. winter olympics 2018
    South Korean Figure Skater’s Costume Came Dangerously Close to Falling OffDuring her Olympics debut.
  7. winter olympics 2018
    Meet the U.S. Figure Skating Team for the 2018 OlympicsIt’s up to these guys to bring home the gold.
  8. superlatives
    The Best and Worst of Olympic Figure Skating Costumes Prince tributes, fake tuxedos, and a pantsuit Hillary Clinton would adore.