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  1. self discovery
    Life After ModestyThe past is always just one blouse away.
  2. health
    What Happens When Lyme Disease Becomes an Identity?The tick-borne disease that’s now a movement.
  3. parenthood
    To All the Moms I’ve Ignored BeforeI think of you every time I want to give a new mom advice.
  4. pride
    25 Famous Women on Coming OutStories from Ellen DeGeneres, Janet Mock, Amandla Stenberg, and more.
  5. new mom
    The Identity Transformation of Becoming a MomPsychologists call it “matrescence.”
  6. meanwhile in canada
    I Truly Cannot Believe That Canada Still Does Not Have a National BirdA travesty is unfolding beyond the 49th parallel.
  7. the wing investigation
    Gender-Studies and Law Professors Support NYC Investigation Into The Wing“Sure, some might like all women spaces, but this can’t be its business model.”
  8. halloween
    What Pop Culture Gets Right and Wrong About Witches, According to a Real CovenFrom Buffy to The Witch, an actual coven judges the best and worst depictions of witchcraft in movies and TV.
  9. profiles
    The Best Reason to Start Using Uber AgainPositive, boundary-breaking, irresistible — she may be the only way to get where they need to go.
  10. identity
    25 Famous Women on Self-ExpressionErykah Badu, Madonna, Vivienne Westwood, and more on the artistic outlets they use to express themselves.
  11. celebrity activism
    Jennifer Lawrence Is Encouraging Her Fans to Out White SupremacistsThe actress wants her followers to help ID the marchers from Charlottesville’s “Unite the Right” rally.
  12. gallery
    A Photographer Revisits Home at an American Enclave in Saudi ArabiaAyesha Malik documented daily life in her hometown Dhahran, a gated community for ARAMCO employees.
  13. talking to
    8 Queer Muslim Women on the Power of The Bold TypeQueer Muslim women around the world are ecstatic to see a character who represents them onscreen for the first time.
  14. People With Multiple Personalities Are Changing Psychologists’ Idea of the SelfDissociative identity disorder, in which people can have multiple personalities, raises the question: What makes a person who they are?
  15. race
    What It Feels Like When Your Identity Is HeavyAn essay by a medical resident highlights just how much explaining and defending and representing members of minority groups are forced into.
  16. What Happens to Your Identity When You Lose Your JobIt’s the opposite of impostor syndrome.
  17. Nearly 150,000 U.S. Teens Identify As TransgenderThat’s one out of every 137 people ages 13 to 17 in the U.S.
  18. identities
    25 Famous Women on Their Immigrant RootsStories from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Ali Wong, Toni Morrison, and more.
  19. around the world
    Being Fat in America Is Nothing Like Being Fat AbroadNo matter where I live, fat is who I am.
  20. An Increasing Number of Adults in the U.S. Identify As LGBT“Millennials … drive virtually all of the increases observed in overall LGBT self-identification.”
  21. identity
    Language Matters If You’re Trying to Persuade a Trump VoterInsights from a sociologist and a cognitive scientist.
  22. identity
    Mirrors Turned People Into IndividualistsWhat your reflection does to you.
  23. race
    Want More Trump-like Politicians? Make White People Feel WhiterAs America gets closer and closer to being majority minority, white people will feel more threatened and politics will get uglier.
  24. gender dysphoria
    What’s Missing From the Conversation About Transgender KidsIf you don’t know what desistance is, you’re leaving out an important part of the story.
  25. Yes, Racial Anxiety Motivates Trump SupportLess so the “economic insecurity” thing, when you look at the data.
  26. identity
    Why Are Young Men Less Likely to Identify As Multiracial?New research finds a gender divide when it comes to racial identity.
  27. identity
    10 Celebrities on Taking the T Out of LGBTAsking about the Change.org petition at this year’s OUT100 Celebration.
  28. first person
    Losing My Grandfather Meant Losing Part of My HeritageHe was one of the only living ties I had to Puerto Rico, and now he was gone.
  29. identity
    Which Oprah Hairstyle Best Represents You? You have 25 years of choices.
  30. habits
    Changing a Habit Can Mess With Your Sense of SelfIt’s about the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. 
  31. true stories
    ‘I Was a 4-Year Queer’: 15 Straight(ish) People on Their Gay Time in CollegeIt’s a time to learn about yourself.