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If U Seek Britney

  1. if u seek britney
    Britney Spears Has Split PersonalitiesWhat her new fragrance says about her.
  2. if u seek britney
    Britney’s New Candie’s Ads Are Out and (Gasp) PhotoshoppedThe ‘Daily Mail’ scolds Britney for supposedly needing the retouching.
  3. if u seek britney
    Dsquared2 Made Special Safety Precautions for Britney“Everyone has to see properly, for example. They could fall and they could hurt themselves, and no one wants that.”
  4. if u seek britney
    Britney Spears Dons Nipple Tassles, But Few Pants, in Her Circus TourSee a slideshow of Britney’s new stage wardrobe designed by DSquared2.
  5. if u seek britney
    DSquared2 Dress Britney in Cheetah Head, Crystal Corset for Circus TourThe designers call it a “metamorphis [sic] from animal to ringmaster to slave.”
  6. if u seek britney
    DSquared2 to Dress Britney Spears for Her Circus TourThis means provocative clown costumes and juggler outfits.