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Immigrant Stories

  1. immigrant stories
    One Teenage Refugee’s Journey from Iraq to CaliforniaWhat it’s like to start life in a new country — when you’re still figuring out who you are.
  2. the golden door
    Nour Is a Syrian Immigrant. She’s Afraid to Say Her Name Out Loud in America.The September edition of the Cut’s Golden Door comic.
  3. the golden door
    When Gina Came to America, She Watched Sesame Street to Learn EnglishAugust’s installment of “The Golden Door” comic series.
  4. the golden door
    Val Has Been Waiting for U.S. Citizenship for 25 YearsJune’s installment of “The Golden Door” comic series.
  5. the golden door
    Gene and Lolita Can See the Statue of Liberty From Their WindowThis month’s edition of “The Golden Door” comic strip.