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Implicit Bias

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    4 Starbucks Employees on What the Racial-Bias Training Was Really Like“It was a waste of four hours.”
  2. implicit bias
    3 Racial-Bias Trainers Reveal What They’ve Seen in American WorkplacesOn May 29, Starbucks is closing its 8,000 stores nationwide for a “racial-bias education” day.
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    Are Women Doomed to Unfair Treatment at Work?Talking to the founder of the Perception Institute about #BlackWomenAtWork.
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    The Weird Connection Between Smiling and RacismYes, your brain can make quick, sloppy, discriminatory judgments. But there are ways to nudge it back on track.
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    People Are More Homophobic Than They Say They AreThere’s been a cultural sea change in how gay and lesbian Americans are viewed, but how do people really feel?