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Inauguration 2017

  1. Mothers and Daughters Marched Together at the Women’s March on Washington“I brought her to fight for herself.”
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    Ivanka Trump Dons Carolina Herrera for Inaugural BallsThe first daughter has been friends with the designer for years.
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    Melania Trump Wears Hervé Pierre to the Inaugural BallsThe former model collaborated with the designer.
  4. inauguration 2017
    ‘Smells Like Boys’: A Night at the DeploraBallPartying in Trump’s America.
  5. women’s march 2017
    The Complicated, Controversial, Historic, Inspiring Women’s MarchThe movement survives not in spite of its cacophony, but because of it.
  6. Hillary Clinton Wore a Ralph Lauren White Pantsuit to Trump InaugurationIt’s not her first.
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    Melania Trump Wears Ralph Lauren on Inauguration DayThe pale-blue suit is drawing comparisons to Jackie Kennedy.
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    Solange and Esperanza Spalding Performed at the Inaugural Peace BallArtists and progressives celebrated at the alternative ball, held at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
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    Artists Are Illustrating the Donald Trump Resistance in This Tabloid PaperResist! aims to capture the sentiment of a specific slice of postelection America.
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    This Queer Dance Party Outside Mike Pence’s House Looks So FunIt’s shaping up to be the most exciting event of inauguration weekend.
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    Why Kanye West Supposedly Didn’t Get an Inauguration Gig“It’s not the venue.”
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    Feeling Anxious on Inauguration Day? These Art Museums Are Offering RefugeAh, the restorative properties of art.
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    Tons of Democrats Can’t Come to the Inauguration Because They’re, Cough, SickAt least 58 are boycotting.
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    Karl Lagerfeld Rumored to Be Dressing Melania Trump for the InaugurationIf so, he would join Ralph Lauren as the most high-profile designers dressing the incoming First Lady.
  15. trumped!
    Here’s Who’s Dressing Melania Trump for the InaugurationThe designer will reach across the aisle — or design room.
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    Ava DuVernay Has Her Own Plan to Show Dissent on Inauguration Day“My answer is to resist.”
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    A March Can Change Your LifeLooking back to 2004 — and ahead to January 21.
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    At Least One Celebrity Will Attend Trump’s InaugurationFinally, somebody RSVP’d.
  19. the horror
    Donald Trump Says There’s a Shortage of ‘Great Dresses’ for the InaugurationAccording to Trump, so many people will attend that “all the dress shops are sold out in Washington.”
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    Rockette Says Performing at Trump’s Inauguration Is a ‘Women’s Rights Issue’“Doing this would cause trauma for some people.”
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    Union Representing Rockettes Reportedly Calls Inauguration Boycott ‘Invalid’“Any talk of boycotting this event is invalid.”
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    The Women’s March on Washington Has a New Sponsor“Women’s rights are human rights.”
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    Trump’s Team Offered Ambassadorships in Exchange for Inauguration SingersTrump is having trouble finding singers to perform at his inauguration.
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    The Met Gala’s Former Event Planner Has Been Hired for the InaugurationVogue alum Stephanie Winston Wolkoff will be working behind the scenes.