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  1. coronavirus
    Priyanka Chopra Is Raising Money for India’s COVID Crisis“There is illness everywhere, and it’s only continuing to spread and kill at great speed and scale,” she wrote on Instagram.
  2. coronavirus
    How to Help Amid India’s Devastating COVID SurgeAs the country sees record numbers of new cases, residents are facing extreme shortages of hospital beds and medical supplies.
  3. skin deep
    Black Lives Matter Has Prompted a Reckoning in India’s Beauty IndustryIn recent months, skin-lightening creams have faced increasing backlash.
  4. equality
    5 Million Women in India Joined Hands in Massive Peaceful ProtestThe human chain they formed stretched an estimated 385 miles.
  5. victories
    India Finally Lifts Its Ban on Gay SexThe Supreme Court has reversed a repressive law imposed by British colonizers.
  6. women’s health
    A State in India Is Now Offering Free Breast Implants to the Poor“Why should beauty treatment not be available to the poor?,” the state’s health minister asked.
  7. drama
    People Are Pissed This Shoe Brand Spray Painted Historic Buildings for AdsOops.
  8. sexual assault
    Indian Court Rules ‘a Feeble No May Mean a Yes’ in Rape CaseA New Delhi high court overturned the conviction against film director Mahmood Farooqui.
  9. l’amour
    Married Man Fakes Airport Hijacking to Get Out of Trip With Online GirlfriendAh, love.
  10. Meghan Markle Pens Powerful Essay About How the Stigma of Periods Affects Girls“We need to rise above our puritanical bashfulness when it comes to talking about menstruation.”
  11. sexual assault
    After Mass New Year’s Eve Sexual Assault, Indian Minister Blames ‘Western Dress’Meanwhile, police have begun detaining men in what’s being called a “mass molestation.”
  12. Women in India Are Protesting Sexist Dress Codes and Curfews on College CampusesA new “no ripped jeans” policy has been instituted at a Mumbai college.
  13. everyday sexism
    India’s Tourism Minister Tells Foreign Women Not to Wear Skirts“For their own safety, women foreign tourists should not wear short dresses and skirts … Indian culture is different from the western.”
  14. beauty passport
    An Indian Beauty Editor on Ayurveda, Bollywood, and Breaking Down StereotypesThere’s no such thing as one “Indian beauty.”
  15. q&a
    The Powerful Rape Documentary That Was Banned in IndiaTalking to the director-producer of India’s Daughter, a new film about the 2012 Delhi gang rape.
  16. horrible things
    Rapists’ Wives Also Screwed in IndiaNew Delhi bus rapist’s wife tells her story.
  17. beauty ideals
    Would Miss America’s Skin Be Too Dark for Miss India?“America is way ahead of India in celebrating a realistic ideal.”
  18. tastemakers
    The Woman Who Makes Suno’s Patterned Luxury HappenIt’s Nadiyah Bradshaw-Spencer’s job to keep ethics alive in Africa, India, and Peru.
  19. Indian Engineers Are Weaponizing LingerieAnti-rape panties are the new chili powder.
  20. travel
    Women Canceling Trips to IndiaRape is bad for tourism. 
  21. self-defense
    Manicure Doubles As Weapon in IndiaNot ideal.
  22. shame spirals
    Police Not Helping Rape Situation in IndiaSave some outrage for cops pressuring victims to marry their rapists.
  23. sausagefests
    Wearing Skirts Is Dangerous in India and North DakotaAre male-skewed populations less safe for women?
  24. rape outrage
    Prominent Indians Offer Outrageous Causes for New Delhi Rape“To my understanding, consumption of fast food contributes to such incidents.”
  25. terrible
    Outrage Over New Delhi Bus Rape Galvanizes Legal ReformThe Indian government is hearing petitions and forming task forces.
  26. barely legal
    ‘18 Again,’ India’s First Vaginal Tightening Cream, Gets Mixed ReviewsThe gold dust will make you feel shiny, if not new.
  27. store openings
    Hermès Taps Into the Expensive Sari MarketFinally, wealthy Indian ladies will have something to wear.
  28. flaunt it if you got it
    Indians Scoop Up Luxury Goods in New DelhiTheir wealth remains intact despite the economic downturn.
  29. watch out paris
    Look! India Has Couture Week, Too!Unlike in Paris, the clothes presented here will be “wearable” and “affordable.”
  30. beauty marks
    Galliano Parties for Perfume; Plastic Surgery Is DownAlso skin-lightening-cream commercials in India are stirring controversy, and plastic surgeons say business is down 53 percent.
  31. loose threads
    Nicole Miller Launches New Line; Cindy McCain Visits OscarNicole Miller’s got a new sportswear line, Cindy McCain went shopping at Oscar de la Renta, and André Leon Talley’s got a hot new piece of art.