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  1. crime
    A Black Man Says He Was the Victim of an ‘Attempted Lynching’Vauhxx Booker says he was attacked by a group of white men who threatened to “get a noose.” Now, the FBI is investigating.
  2. women’s health
    ‘Abortion Reversal’ Bill Based on ‘Junk Science’ Passes Indiana’s House“This is for the women who take the first step and regret it.”
  3. reproductive rights
    Purvi Patel, Woman Prosecuted for Self-induced Abortion, May Be Freed Next MonthSome good news out of Indiana for a change.
  4. shmashmortion
    Indiana Court Throws Out Purvi Patel’s Abortion ConvictionShe had been sentenced to 20 years for taking abortion-inducing drugs.
  5. gay rights
    Gap and Levi’s Speak Out on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law “These laws turn back the clock on equality.”