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Inevitable Things

  1. butts butts butts
    Confirmed: Peaches Look Like ButtsEspecially when dressed in tiny lingerie. 
  2. inevitable things
    Robin Thicke’s Harem Now Naked From Waist DownThe man who mistook naked ladies for lint rollers.
  3. inevitable things
    At Last, Bubba the Love Sponge Enters Petraeus Scandal“Honorary ambassador” Jill Kelley helped during the deep-fried Koran scandal.
  4. inevitable things
    Amazing It Took This Long for a Wardrobe Malfunction to Reveal Lady Gaga’s Pierced VaginaThose leotards must be made of stronger stuff than we thought.
  5. inevitable things
    Carine Roitfeld and Nicolas Ghesquière: Back On?They were spotted drinking together.
  6. inevitable things
    WWD Wishes Fashion Were More ElitistWell, that must be a lonely place.
  7. inevitable things
    One Dress Rachel Zoe Designed Looks a Lot Like Another Dress She Styled OnceWell, didn’t take long for the knockoff allegations to start.
  8. inevitable things
    So Here’s Justin Bieber’s Vanity Fair Cover“Is This the Adorable, Inescapable Face of 2011?” it asks.
  9. stayin’ a-lively
    Blake Lively Is Supposedly the Next Face of Chanel HandbagsSounds about right.
  10. inevitable things
    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Are Launching a Lifestyle Line for Kohl’sTommy Hilfiger is somehow involved.
  11. inevitable things
    The People Who Made Katy Perry’s Light-Up Met Gala Dress Just Came Out With a Cell-Phone DressAs in, a dress and cell phone in one.
  12. inevitable things
    Fashion Magazines Are Tiring of Major Celebrity CoversOther scantily clad hotties will do just fine.
  13. inevitable things
    Jil Sander to Launch Lower-Priced LinePrices ought to start in the hundred-something range.
  14. inevitable things
    Alexa Chung to Make High-Waisted Skinny Jeans for MadewellFigures.
  15. inevitable things
    Lily Allen Wants to Quit Music to Open a Clothing-Rental BoutiqueOkay. Why?
  16. inevitable things
    What Would You Name Coco Rocha’s Clothing Line?Suggestions so far include “Tuque” and “Chinook” to remind her of her native Canada.
  17. inevitable things
    Emma Watson to Collaborate on Clothing LineWith a company called People Tree.
  18. inevitable things
    Rodarte Might Enter the Movie BusinessHopefully they can encourage the industry to leave this vampire nonsense behind.
  19. inevitable things
    Jennifer Lopez Will Temporarily Spare the U.S. Her Clothing LineShe’s just not very good at branding herself.
  20. inevitable things
    Surprise! Roberto Cavalli Probably Won’t Sell a Stake in His Company, After AllInstead, he wants to hand out little Cavalli gadgets to girls standing outside of nightclubs.
  21. inevitable things
    Amy Winehouse Designing a Capsule Collection for PPQShe might not be well, but she’s back!
  22. inevitable things
    Green Clothes Proliferate: LVMH to Buy Minority Stake in EdunBono’s ecofriendly clothing line is about to get much bigger.
  23. inevitable things
    Kanye West Glows in the DarkRizzoli has a book coming out called ‘Kanye West: Glow in the Dark.’