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  1. esther calling
    ‘How Do I Stop Obsessing Over Having Had an Affair and Forgive Myself?’Beating yourself up doesn’t solve anything, Esther Perel says. Instead, unpack why you had the affair in the first place and what you got from it.
  2. recommendations
    Which Episode of Where Should We Begin? Should You Listen to Right Now?A comprehensive guide to Esther Perel’s flagship podcast.
  3. celebrity
    No, Adam Levine Is Not Going on Call Her DaddyThough the suggestion that he might be prompted an interesting reaction from his wife.
  4. relationships
    Why Are We Still So Scandalized by Cheating?What our recent obsession with infidelity reveals about us.
  5. marriage: an investigation
    My Husband Cheated, and an Infinity Hot Tub in St. Lucia Wasn’t Going to Fix ItHe’d decided the affair was an ill-­conceived midlife Rumspringa. And now, here we were in St. Lucia: This was my reward.
  6. marriage: an investigation
    He Cheated in an Open Marriage“He designed our relationship to suit himself, and he breaks it to suit himself.”
  7. married women
    I Went on Ashley Madison to Try to Have an AffairI thought an affair could help me escape my marriage. I was wrong.
  8. science of us
    The Biggest Findings From a New Study on InfidelityAnd what habits to change if these risk factors feel a little familiar.
  9. crime
    Man Says Samurai Sword Attack by Girlfriend Was Just a Big MisunderstandingAlex Lovell’s girlfriend allegedly stabbed him because she thought he was cheating on her, but he says he was just playing too many video games.
  10. married women
    Why So Many Women Cheat on Their HusbandsWomen are cheating more than ever. So what does that tell us about marriage?
  11. advice
    Ask Polly: Why Am I Obsessed With Married Men?Being the “other woman” wouldn’t live up to your fantasies.
  12. what your therapist really thinks
    Is My Husband Having an Affair?An affair isn’t the only way spouses betray each other.
  13. If You Knew Someone Was Being Cheated on — Would You Tell Them?A study on how people decide when and whether to get involved in other people’s business.
  14. first person
    When Good Christian Girls Need Planned ParenthoodThey were there for me when no one else was.
  15. unwifeable
    How Lemonade Helped Me Talk to My Husband About CheatingThe catharsis of watching a flawless woman break down.
  16. infidelity
    Rachel Roy: I’m Not ‘Becky With the Good Hair’The fashion designer denies rumors that Beyoncé’s “Sorry” references her.
  17. sex diaries
    The Married Trader With a Sugar BabyThis week’s sex diary.
  18. sex diaries
    The Man Deciding Whether to Cheat on His Sexless RelationshipThis week’s sex diary.
  19. relationships
    So, Your Partner Found Out About Your Ashley Madison AccountThe good news: The latest research is showing that infidelity doesn’t have to be a relationship-killer, and scientists are starting to figure out why some couples emerge stronger than before. 
  20. quotables
    To Consider: The Underwood Model of MarriageThe affairs make you more powerful.
  21. etiquette
    If You Must Cheat, Cheat QuietlyOr you will get shamed on social media.
  22. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: The Stray Condom MysteryGaby couldn’t be faithful. Josh didn’t care. Here’s how each remembers the breakup.