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  1. influence
    Paris Hilton Is a Kim Kardashian West Clone and So Are WeThe new Yeezy Season 6 campaign is genius and diabolical.
  2. The Annoying Psychology of How Your Friends Influence the Beer You OrderThe small and dumb ways people signal their uniqueness.
  3. twin tales
    If You Want the Olsens to Sign Your Book, Follow This List of RulesBarnes & Noble issued a list of rules to those who attended the Olsens’ book signing today.
  4. photo op
    Hairy-Kate and Trashley Greet Mary-Kate and AshleyThe scene outside the Barnes & Noble at the twins’ book signing.
  5. what you should be doing right now
    The Olsens Are on ‘Oprah’ Right Now!And they’re talking about their diets!
  6. best things ever
    Karl Lagerfeld Talks Family Planning in the Olsen Twins’ Amazing New BookHe asks the girls if they want to get married and have babies instead of going out at night in pants that are too tight.