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  1. Can Zinc Help Fight Off a Cold?Two experts break down its immune-boosting properties.
  2. A New Theory on Déjà Vu: It’s How Your Memory Fact-checks ItselfStop me if you’ve heard this.
  3. Reading Makes You Carsick Because Your Brain Thinks It’s Being PoisonedSo many mixed signals. So much nausea.
  4. Why Do I Forget Why I Entered a Room the Minute I Enter It?It’s called the “doorway effect.”
  5. inquiring minds
    Hey Mom, Please Calm Down About ZikaYour future grandchildren will be fine.
  6. The Strange Bliss of Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other ThingsOrder in the chaos. 
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    Music Gives Some People ‘Skin Orgasms’Intense. 
  8. inquiring minds
    What Is With This Incredibly Specific Second Avenue Subway Sign?Dan Ariely explains the behavioral science behind extremely precise numbers. 
  9. inquiring minds
    Why Is Popping Bubble Wrap So Satisfying?An important investigation, following the news of the classic product’s change in design. 
  10. prison break
    Pepper Probably Won’t Throw Dogs Off Your ScentGood to know, should you ever attempt a prison break.