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  1. science of us
    Nothing Is Scarier Than Bugs Crawling Into Bodily Orifices“In most places,” though, “the odds of waking up with an insect inside you are slim.”
  2. science of us
    What Is Cricket Powder and Why?I used it to make cookies, which I brought to the office.
  3. wellness theories
    This Dynasty Actress Is Ready to Fight Off a Mountain Lion“I love that kind of stuff. I can’t go more than a few weeks without finding a mountain.”
  4. Insects Are Scary Because Your Brain Confuses Disgust With FearHow can something so small and harmless be so terrifying?
  5. Bees Learn How to Solve Problems From Other BeesLooks like insects do “cultural transmission,” too.
  6. scents and sensibility
    Victoria’s Secret Perfume Repels Bugs, MenWin/win.