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Inside Amy Schumer

  1. comedy
    Amy Schumer Speaks Out About Kurt Metzger’s Controversial Rape Comments“He’s the problem, no question, but the focus is on him rather than on what the real main problem is.”
  2. Kurt Metzger Clarifies His Rape Comments“None of my venom is for any victims of anything. I wouldn’t blame a victim for ANYTHING.”
  3. happy trails
    Amy Schumer Seems to Say Inside Amy Schumer Is OverShe tweeted the news in the midst of the controversy involving Kurt Metzger.
  4. deep inside amy schumer
    Amy Schumer Hates Being Famous So Much She Made a Whole Episode About It It’s her new favorite subject.
  5. comedy
    Oh Boy, Looks Like Anna Wintour and Amy Schumer Are Gonna Swap Lives on TVHappy Freaky Friday!
  6. inside amy schumer
    Amy Schumer Laments the Shame of Shopping for Adult-Sized ClothingWhat are these, clothes for ants? 
  7. inside amy schumer
    Amy Schumer Skewers Hollywood’s Woman Problem“More than anything I really want to thank the writers.”
  8. exclusive
    Inside Amy Schumer’s Healthy-Relationship AnthemWalk a mile in his shoes or wear his clothes, and do a presentation for him at work without being asked to.
  9. video
    Amy Schumer Imagines If Congress Was Your GynoHonestly not that far-fetched.
  10. look of the day
    Who Better to Play Rosie the Riveter Than Amy Schumer?Represent.
  11. sister act
    Teen Amy Schumer Had A Walk to Remember Comedy RoutineAs remembered by her sister Kim.
  12. Amy Schumer Believes in This Butt-Enhancement Surgery It causes internal bleeding but external hotness.
  13. amazing amy
    Can You Tell the Difference Between the Two Amy Schumers?A meta late-night talk-show interview. 
  14. lolz
    Amy Schumer’s Winning Formula for Late-Night Talk Show InterviewsJust try to look away from her shiny, shiny legs.
  15. limbo
    Amy Schumer Is Right, Watching Movies Is Awful“A Couple Chooses a Movie.” 
  16. supercuts
    The Best Sex Jokes on Inside Amy Schumer, Season One“Look, men, you are not penetrating our vaginas. We are engulfing your penises.”