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  1. so tired
    Just Embrace Your Insomnia AlreadyThe only way I can live with it is actually living with it.
  2. science of us
    How to Get Through a Workday on No SleepReluctant advice from sleep researchers.
  3. science of us
    How’s That Weighted Blanket Working Out?An interview with an anxious insomniac.
  4. science of us
    How Losing Sleep Messes With CreativityAmong the many reasons to adopt an 8:45 bedtime …
  5. your mileage may vary
    A Thought Exercise for When You Can’t Fall AsleepTry just accepting your fate.
  6. science of us
    Why People With Insomnia Wake Up Feeling Like They Never SleptIt’s possible to remain consciously aware while your brain (or parts of it, anyway) is in a sleep pattern.
  7. science of us
    ‘Insomnia Identity’: When Not Sleeping Becomes a Part of Who You AreIn a vicious cycle, calling yourself an insomniac can make sleep problems worse.
  8. drugstore doctor
    Will Chamomile Help Ease My Anxiety?Two experts explain chamomile’s benefits.
  9. drugstore doctor
    Will Melatonin Help With My Jet Lag?Two experts explain.
  10. Goop Thinks Walking Around Barefoot Will Cure Your Depression and InsomniaWho needs shoes or therapy?
  11. using the internet for good
    Here’s How the Internet Can Actually Help With Your InsomniaYou can now get sleep therapy without a therapist.
  12. dreams
    Kafka Harnessed Insomnia to Create His Trippy FictionBlur the boundary between dreaming and waking, and you might turn into a bug.
  13. self
    25 Famous Women on InsomniaAdvice on sleeplessness from Patti Smith, Jennifer Aniston, Hillary Clinton, and more.
  14. sleep
    Can You Blame Your Birth Control for Your Insomnia?Here’s how hormones — both synthetic and natural — affect your sleep.
  15. Thinking Positive Thoughts About Your Insomnia Can Help You Get Rid of ItStop watching the clock.
  16. How to Handle One Night of Insomnia: Do NothingOne sleep scientist argues that making up for a bad night’s sleep by hitting the snooze button or napping will only make things worse in the long run.
  17. wellness
    7 Ways to Fall Asleep Without AmbienAll of them more effective than scrolling Instagram in the predawn hours.
  18. make it stop
    Why Do Women Have a Harder Time Sleeping Than Men?Here’s what might be going on, plus tips that could help you get some effing shut-eye for a change.
  19. sleep
    To Get Better Sleep, Maybe Try Staying AwakeThe counterintuitive — yet evidence-backed — power of sleep restriction therapy. 
  20. sleep
    The Waking Nightmare of Restless Leg Syndrome“Within the RLS community there is so much division and frantic cure-seeking that people, already sleep-deprived, tend to lose their grip on the real problem.”
  21. How TV Triggers the Stress-Insomnia-Stress CycleAnd two other factors that induce sleepless nights.   
  22. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    7 ‘Natural’ Sleep Aids for InsomniaAn hour makes a huge difference, okay?