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  1. inspiring!
    Oh, to Be Diddy Eating Mango by the OceanSplish-splash!
  2. inspiring!
    Brave Woman Says She Doesn’t Like Underwear“I stopped wearing underwear a long time ago,” actress Emma Thompson said in a recent interview.
  3. inspiring
    I’m Deeply Inspired by Channing Tatum’s Reason for Leaving Social MediaI, too, have no good ideas anymore.
  4. inspiring
    This Vogue Editor Has a Wall of Cat Photos in Her Hamptons CottageEach picture is crooked in the most artful way.
  5. inspiring
    Drew Barrymore Would Also Like to Fat in PeaceShe says she’s not pregnant she’s “just fat right now.”
  6. inspiring
    Let Rihanna Teach You How to Properly Prepare for Late-Night SnackingShe picked up some extra pasta for her 2 a.m. cravings.
  7. This Inspiring Couple Finally Visited All 645 Cracker BarrelsNever give up on your dreams.
  8. inspiring
    Dolly Parton’s New Album Cover Is Here to Inspire YouThe country star announced she is releasing her first-ever children’s album in the fall.
  9. inspiring
    10 More Body-Positive Soap BottlesDove recently introduced a line of “Real Beauty” bottles. We thought, why stop there?
  10. inspiring
    Pregnant Woman Gives Man ‘#1 Decent Dude’ Award for Offering Up His Subway SeatWow, inspiring.
  11. After Being Diagnosed With Cancer This Woman Traveled the WorldAnd she’s not done yet.
  12. video
    Mom Earns Free Tuition, Fleeting Approval of Daughter With Lucky Half-Court ShotTake that, Stephen Curry.
  13. first person
    I Lost My Hand in the HamptonsLearning how to live, work, and date after a shocking jet-ski accident.