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  1. year in review
    The Best Fashion Instagrams of 2017Eleven personal celebrity photos that outdid the red carpet.
  2. tights!
    These Embellished Fishnets Are an Instagram SensationInside designer Lirika Matoshi’s gem-covered, floral appliqued world.
  3. the art world
    This Is the Instagram You’re Going to See EverywhereSix of Yayoi Kusama’s mirrored rooms are hitting the road.
  4. my date with the president’s daughter
    Sasha Obama: Better at Being a Teen Than You WereShe will not make our same mistakes.
  5. black hair
    A Helpful Refresher on Cultural AppropriationCourtesy of wise teen Amandla Stenberg.
  6. low brow
    Your Instagram Eyebrows Are Scaring EveryoneThe newest brow trend.