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  1. installations
    A Famously Wild Artist Has Taken Over This StoreWhat happens when conceptual art and heritage fashion mix.
  2. inspiration
    Hermès Has a Great Idea: Use Scarves As Wall ArtThe Madison Avenue men’s boutique has styled *scarves* to look like vinyl records.
  3. gallery
    Experience a Summery Milan Runway in New YorkMissoni’s latest installation will make you yearn for summer.
  4. nyfw fall 2018
    Calvin Klein Just Re-created an Iconic Andy Warhol MomentIn the Madison Avenue store.
  5. art
    A Provocative Artist Explores NarcissismMarilyn Minter has new art installation at World Trade Center.
  6. openings
    You Can Draw on the Walls of This Designer StoreHermès opened a public art installation in its Madison Avenue flagship.