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  1. smooth brain
    Celebrity Obsession Linked to Lower Intelligence, Nerds SayA recent study is calling me stupid?
  2. science of us
    Angry People Tend to Overestimate Their IntelligenceUnless they’re also neurotic.
  3. genetics
    Yes, There Is a Genetic Component to IntelligenceIt’s important to recognize what the science says, and, no, that doesn’t lead us inexorably to Nazi race science.
  4. Maybe Plants Remember Stuff“Overnight, they turn back to where the sun will be in the morning! They seem to encode, store, and retrieve that information.”
  5. If You Have a Twisted Sense of Humor, It’s Probably Because You’re a Cool GeniusA new study found that an appreciation for dark jokes is linked to higher IQ and lower aggression.
  6. Success Depends on Your Personality More Than IQThe power of “non-cognitive” skills.
  7. brain scans
    Running Lots Connects Your Brain RegionsMore jogging, more brain connections.
  8. intelligence
    A New Theory for How Babies Learn Their First WordsIt’s what they see.
  9. science of us
    A Professional Guide to Dream InterpretationIt’s a lot like analyzing poetry.
  10. Babies Are Helplessly Dumb, and That’s Why Humans Are So SmartIt’s a symbiotic relationship.
  11. A Preverbal Baby Is Way Smarter Than You ThinkThe “first words” aren’t even the beginning.
  12. Your Dog Has an IQWhat new research on canine smarts may one day reveal about human intelligence.
  13. intelligence
    Turns Out Blonde Ladies Are the SmartestWell, the smartest ladies, at least.
  14. advice
    Ask Polly: Am I Too Smart for My Own Good?Stop thinking of yourself as cursed.
  15. oh men
    Men Love Smart Women Until They Actually Have to Talk to ThemYou can’t win.
  16. advice
    Ask Polly: Am I a Boring, Empty, Soulless Fake?Even if you were, what would that mean?
  17. British Tween Is Smarter Than You, EinsteinShe is also smarter than Stephen Hawking.
  18. what it’s like
    What It’s Like to Be a Polyamorous Genius“I have learned that sometimes I have to acknowledge someone’s feelings even though they are stupid in my mind.”
  19. We’re Testing Children on the Wrong ThingsAre we measuring what we want to measure in education?
  20. anxiety
    Worrying About Stuff Is a Sign of IntelligenceVerbal intelligence, anyway. 
  21. Are Smart Kids Better at Drawing?What childhood art reveals about the child.
  22. We Should Chat About That ChatbotTechnological milestone? Nope. Jump-start for an important conversation? Yup.