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International Intrigue

  1. international intrigue
    Afghan Women Are Fighting for the Right to Be Called by Their NamesRather than by their husband’s or brother’s.
  2. bad ideas
    A Non-Muslim Australian Senator Wore a Burka in Parliament to Push for Burka BanPauline Hanson’s stunt outraged Senate leadership.
  3. domestic violence
    Saudi Man Sentenced to Just 19 Months in Prison for Setting His Wife on FireShe’ll get no compensation for her costly surgeries.
  4. women abroad
    Nepal Criminalizes Custom of Banishing Women During Their PeriodsIn the past year, two teenage girls have died because of the custom.
  5. The Taliban Launched a Lifestyle Magazine to Recruit WomenIt includes an editorial urging women to hold “gatherings” with “like-minded sisters.”
  6. politics
    Melania Trump Is Causing a Tourism Boom in SloveniaThe number of American visitors is up 15 percent since her husband took office.
  7. Saudi Woman Arrested for Wearing a Miniskirt in Public Released Without ChargePolice in Saudi Arabia have released Model Khulood, who was arrested for wearing “immodest clothes.”
  8. Woman Wanted by Saudi Police for Posting Snapchat of Herself in a MiniskirtThe country’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice is looking for her.