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Internet Drama

  1. alabama
    The Fallout From the Montgomery Riverfront Brawl ContinuesThe white-chair-wielding man was released from jail on bond.
  2. culture
    Lizzo Says Fat Shaming Is Making Her ‘Hate the World’The singer made clear that incessant comments about her body are taking a toll.
  3. internet drama
    Is Emma Chamberlain Really Charging $10,000 for a DM?The YouTube star claims she’s just as confused as the rest of us.
  4. internet drama
    Bobbi Brown vs. a TikTok InfluencerIt all started with a video of Meredith Duxbury trying the new Jones Road What the Foundation.
  5. internet drama
    Dancing in the Name of the LordThe “cult” claims about a TikTok-famous set of performers shocked everyone — except L.A.’s dancefluencer community.
  6. buzz buzz
    Unpacking the Backlash Against the TikTok Bee LadyThe beekeeper behind Texas Beeworks, known for scooping bees with her bare hands, is facing criticism over safety methods and conservation efforts.