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  1. science of us
    Apparently There Are 4 Kinds of IntroversionThere’s more than one way to be quiet.
  2. what i learned
    Wait, Maybe I Like Being Around People?I thought maintaining distance, socially, was my whole thing.
  3. introversion
    Introvert Hangovers Can Be Really RoughApparently, some people get physically ill from talking to others too much.
  4. introverts
    How to Make Work Meetings More Welcoming for IntrovertsOrganizations are missing out by assuming the loudest people are the smartest.
  5. Here’s a Test for Introversion You Can Do When You’re Home, Being IntrovertedGrab yourself a lemon and a cotton swab and let’s do some somewhat questionable science.
  6. How Schools Are Failing Their Quietest StudentsMeet the educators who are working to change that.
  7. personality
    Are You an Introvert — Or Are You Maybe an Undercover Narcissist?A trait some psychologists call “covert narcissism” sounds an awful lot like the popular definition of introversion.
  8. personality psychology
    You Might Be an Ambivert, an Introvert-Extrovert HybridThis whole introvert-extrovert thing may be excluding a lot of people.
  9. personality psychology
    Understanding the Two Types of ExtroversionDo you have high levels of agentic extroversion, affiliative extroversion, or neither?
  10. personality
    When Introverts Should Avoid CoffeeAn extra cup can sometimes backfire.