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  1. science of us
    How to Be SociableIt’s harder than it sounds.
  2. science of us
    Most Introverts Would Like to Be More ExtrovertedAnd almost everyone thinks extroverts are more valued.
  3. science of us
    Introverted Doesn’t Mean What You Think It MeansMaybe alone time isn’t so great after all!
  4. ask polly
    Ask Polly: I Love My Friends, But I Hate Making Plans to See Them!You’re not just trying to escape the plans.
  5. It Turns Out There Are 4 Different Types of IntrovertsVideo: Which one are you?
  6. ‘Introvert or Extrovert’ Is the Wrong Way to Define Your IdentityThere’s so much more to personality.
  7. Extroverts Long for Alone Time, TooBecause you can’t get any rest with humans around.
  8. Extrovert CEOs Make Way Less MoneyFor their companies.
  9. Why Declaring ‘I’m an Introvert!’ Limits Your LifeThere’s just so much more to personality, says a top personality psychologist.
  10. advice
    Ask a Boss: I’m an Introvert and It’s Holding Me Back!Try to be more curious about your co-workers.
  11. Even Extroverts Find It Draining to Be Around Other Humans for Too LongToo much of a good thing.
  12. introverts
    How to Make Work Meetings More Welcoming for IntrovertsOrganizations are missing out by assuming the loudest people are the smartest.
  13. personality
    Hillary Clinton Is an ‘Intro-Extrovert,’ and Maybe You Are, TooIf you’ve never felt like you’re fully an extrovert or an introvert, that’s likely because most people are a little bit of both.
  14. personality
    Extroverts Are Plenty Good at Thoughtful Stuff, TooBrainy problem-solving isn’t entirely the domain of the introvert.