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  1. When It Comes to Spotting a Lie, Maybe Trust Your Gut Over Your BrainResearch shows that all the tricks about watching eye contact and body language are no match for your intuition.
  2. Our Intuitions About the World Are Usually WrongOn flat-Earthers, science denial, and why teaching critical thinking isn’t enough.
  3. Here’s One Theory for What ‘Women’s Intuition’ Really IsHow to explain something that research can’t find any evidence for.
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    When It Comes to Empathy, Your Gut May Be Failing YouIt can be better to force yourself into “slow” thinking.
  5. run through
    Lindsay Lohan’s Leggings Are Already Sold Out!The owner of L.A. boutique Intuition explains why they’re so popular and why one pair comes with built-in knee pads.
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    The Leggings LiLo Designed Are Now on Sale!The leopard ankle gloves cost $42, but the leggings with built-in leather knee pads cost $142.