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  1. women getting it done
    Here’s the Woman Who Invented the Home Pregnancy TestIt’s all very Working Girl.
  2. fashion nostalgia
    5 Fashion Standbys That Were Invented in New YorkLike the safety pin and the baseball cap.
  3. tattoo me!
    One Day This Cream Will Magically Erase Your Bad Tattoos Ink away!
  4. unnecessary scented items
    Who in the World Would Be Enticed by Scented Jeans?In blueberry, green apple, and lemon. 
  5. fun with products that haven’t even been released yet
    Introducing a Useful Calorie-Counting Machine A new invention from General Electric. 
  6. inventions
    At Last, Cars for GirlsThey have manicure-protecting features.
  7. Clothes Weren’t Tight Enough, So We Invented Spray-On FabricWhat was the fit below “skinny-jeans”? It was “sprayed-on,” wasn’t it?