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  1. the one percent
    Aging Billionaire Uses iPad Recording to Tell People ‘F*ck You’Finally, a way to live like the other half does.
  2. Study: 40 Percent of Kids Use iPads Before They Can SpeakBaby’s first screen swipe.
  3. fake feuds
    Won’t Someone Please Fix Martha Stewart’s iPad?Apple can’t take much more of this slander.
  4. love makes the world go round
    Love Unveils New iPad App and VideoThe trailer features Agyness Deyn eating an apple.
  5. trendlet
    23 Best New iPad Accessories (So What If You Don’t Own One?)Our roundup includes skins, sleeves, cases, decals, car adapters, and more.
  6. technology
    The iPad May Rob Fashion of Its NipplesShows what Apple knows about fashion.
  7. technology
    We Viewed Interview’s Jersey Shore Spread on the iPad TodayIt includes video of their spray-tan session.
  8. technology
    Are Fashion Companies Wasting Too Much Time on iPhone Apps?Perhaps, say experts.
  9. technology
    Interview Beats Every Other Fashion Magazine to the iPadHow yuppie of them.