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  1. apps
    I Can’t Believe How Much Money I‘ve Spent on This iPhone Home-Design GameBut it makes me happy.
  2. shhhh
    The Best iPhone Alarms Are Hidden in the Bedtime FeatureAn alternative to being startled awake by a terrible noise that you hate.
  3. selfie awareness
    8 Gadgets for Taking Better SelfiesBe your best Instagram self.
  4. politics
    Donald Trump Only Has One App on His iPhone. Guess What It Is.Just guess.
  5. hairy situations
    The iPhone 6 Is Ruining Your Hair#iPhone6Probs.
  6. print is not dead
    Karl Lagerfeld Is Launching a Satirical BroadsheetHe is a self-professed “paper freak.”
  7. best bets
    Best Bet: Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone CaseFuture perfect. 
  8. best bets
    Best Bet: AM Lab Anti-Schmutz Wet WipesA portable way to keep all of your devices clean.
  9. digital love
    A Dating App That Truly Appeals to All GendersTinder is both useful and fun — like the best versions of IRL dating.
  10. karl makes everything right
    See Karl Lagerfeld’s Four Customized iPhonesThey all have his picture on them.