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  1. the cut opinion pages
    iMessage Reactions Are Lazy and TerriblePlease, don’t “heart” or “thumbs-down” my texts.
  2. science of us
    How My iPhone Helped Save My Mental HealthDuring bouts of anxiety and agoraphobia, it’s the only thing that kept me feeling anchored to reality.
  3. There Are 3 Kinds of Sidewalk WalkersWhat kind of “symbolic cues” are you giving off?
  4. shattered glass
    Your iPhone Screen Isn’t As Bad As Lucky Blue’s He needs the Genius Bar ASAP.
  5. period power
    Apple Will Finally Acknowledge MenstruationThe company has grown up.
  6. dumb phones
    Seriously, Never Leave Your iPhone at Home Our tiny human brains can’t handle it.
  7. experiments
    My Week With a Flip PhoneFeeling very cool with T9 and infinite battery life.
  8. bad behavior
    What’s a Girl Gotta Do to Get a Charge in This Town?Next time your phone dies, try not to be a horrible person.
  9. just browsing
    Wish List: Fiona Kotur ClutchesA glittery house for your iPhone. 
  10. 70 Percent of Snapchat’s Users Are WomenSnaps to that. 
  11. no touching
    “Intimate” iPhone App Not Actually IntimateThe iPhone app Touch Room allows its users to match up their fingers on a screen.
  12. very minor traumas
    The Unique Terror of Hearing Your Phone Alarm As Someone Else’s RingtoneDiagnosing PASD, Phone Alarm Stress Disorder.
  13. fashion crimes
    Brass Knuckles iPhone Actually Used As WeaponJenna Jameson settles the knuckle-duster-accessories debate. 
  14. best bets
    Best Bet: Diane Von Furstenberg’s New iPhone CoverThe skin is bright pink and features the designer’s signature lip print.
  15. technology
    Are Fashion Companies Wasting Too Much Time on iPhone Apps?Perhaps, say experts.
  16. announcements
    The Cut Now Available for Your Mobile PleasureAddicted to our steady diet of fashion drama? Now your habit is all the more convenient!