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  1. power
    War and TweetsIn the maw of the posting machine, nothing feels real.
  2. marriage: an investigation
    They Had Been Married 6 Months When He Lost His Legs in Iraq“A lot of people say at least he ‘came home,’ but when they’re injured, they don’t get to come home.”
  3. immigrant stories
    One Teenage Refugee’s Journey from Iraq to CaliforniaWhat it’s like to start life in a new country — when you’re still figuring out who you are.
  4. politics
    Man Who Claimed His Mother Died After Trump’s Travel Ban Reportedly Lied“I believe this in my heart: If they would’ve let us in, she would have made it.”
  5. We Shouldn’t Fall Into the Sunk-Costs Trap in IraqIt’s a common human fallacy, and a dangerous one.
  6. terrible things
    Iraqi Teens Killed Because of Emo LookIt’s all kinds of screwed up.
  7. beauty marks
    See How Angelina Jolie Covers Up Her Tats; Plastic Surgery on the Rise in IraqAnd fragrance sales are down.
  8. beauty marks
    Cassie Etches Design on Her Half-Shaved Head; Iraq’s Rising Plastic-Surgery TrendsAnd Jessica Szohr wore plum and copper eye shadow last night.
  9. loose threads
    Mango Heads to Iraq; One Gap Ad’s Tragic Photoshop ErrorAlso, Steve & Barry’s could file Chapter 11 today, Donna Karan heads back to the tents, and Heidi Klum denounces plastic surgery.