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  1. media
    The New York Times’ Rukmini Callimachi on How She Gets Close to ISISThe foreign correspondent and terrorism expert discusses her new podcast Caliphate.
  2. crime
    New York Woman Accused of Sending Bitcoin to ISISShe allegedly laundered more than $85,000.
  3. comedic controversies
    BBC Comedy Show Incites Controversy WithReal Housewives of ISIS’ SketchThe segment features lines like “It’s only three days until the beheading, and I’ve got no idea what I’m gonna wear.”
  4. Why Dreams Are So Essential to ISIS SympathizersDreams can be the deciding factor in decisions to join the terrorist group or carry out an attack.
  5. queen
    Amal Clooney Wants to Put ISIS Leaders on Trial“This is a clear case of genocide that’s gone completely unaddressed and ignored.”
  6. stories
    The Night That Obama and Hillary Founded ISISThey were down in the White House kitchen eating Popsicles when he asked if he could tell her a secret.
  7. future lifetime movies
    Cheerleader Gets 12 Years for Aiding ISISJaelyn Young was sentenced to 12 years in prison.
  8. paris hilton speaks
    Paris Hilton Fears ISIS May Target Her in Future AttacksShe expressed her fears to a local paper in Ibiza.
  9. amal clooney
    Amal Clooney Will Represent Yazidi Genocide Victims She plans to seek an International Criminal Court investigation against the Islamic State.
  10. political psychology
    How to Save Lives by Countering ISIS Propaganda“We wanted to say, ‘Let’s stop guessing. This is possible, and this is how it can be done.’”
  11. islamic state watch
    ISIS Makes Rape Part of Its TheologyIslamic State leaders also use the right to rape as a recruiting tactic.
  12. love and literally war
    U.S. Couple Forgoes Hawaii, Decides to Honeymoon With ISIS InsteadSeems like Hawaii would be more relaxing?
  13. terrorism
    What a Young ISIS Fan From Washington State Can Teach UsThere’s a weirdly encouraging aspect to this sad story.
  14. 5 Important Facts About Young ISIS RecruitsA veteran anthropologist of radical movements holds court at the U.N.
  15. terrorism
    Can Potential Terrorists Be ‘Rehabilitated’?Denmark is taking the lead in an interesting, counterintuitive experiment.
  16. Does Believing in Evil Make Us More Violent and Less Tolerant?The social psychology of an ancient, potent concept.
  17. terrorism
    Why ISIS Is So Terrifyingly Effective at Seducing New Recruits“ISIS has a reality distortion field that only Steve Jobs would have dreamt of.”