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It’s Over

  1. it’s over
    5 Marriage Counselors on What Therapy Can’t Fix“You can feel when there’s just nothing.”
  2. it’s over
    How Rich People Get Divorced in SecretThose with upwards of $600 an hour to spare can make like Brangelina and hire a private judge.
  3. my two cents
    Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t Get a PrenupAdvice from a prenup expert who thinks most couples should steer clear.
  4. it’s over
    The First Great Date I Had After My DivorceSix women on the nights that made dating feel worth it again.
  5. it’s over
    The Awkward Zoom Divorce Is Here to StayFour people on the surreal, surprisingly convenient experience of ending a marriage remotely.
  6. it’s over
    All My Divorced Friends Are Sharing Custody of Their PetsBut I know from experience just how awful that can be.
  7. cut covers
    Reintroducing Ali WongHer next phase includes dipping into dramatic roles on TV and testing the dating-app waters.
  8. divorce
    9 Women on the Moment They Knew Their Marriage Was Over“I found the receipt for the lingerie he’d bought her.”
  9. first person
    My Marriage Was Never the Same After ThatIn 2016, I wrote a poem that went viral. My home life got complicated.
  10. it’s over
    Everyone Announces Their Divorce Like a Celebrity NowA close read of the genre.