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It’s Complicated

  1. it’s complicated
    My Ex’s Old Stuff Saved Me After Our BreakupPsychologists call them “transitional objects” — items that carry us through times of upheaval.
  2. it’s complicated
    Relearning How to Date After My Double MastectomyThe threat of cancer made me reconsider what I wanted in a partner, but it also left me scared of having to open up to one.
  3. it’s complicated
    In Defense of Going to Bed AngryHow I learned to ignore an old standby of relationship advice.
  4. it’s complicated
    Becoming a Digital Nomad Meant Changing My Definition of ‘Boyfriend’Commitment is tough when you’re not tied to any one place.
  5. it’s complicated
    Breaking Up With the Boyfriend Who Got Me Through CancerBesides my immediate family, he’s the only person who’s seen the worst of me and loved me anyway.
  6. it’s complicated
    The Silly Tattoo That Got Me Through My Worst BreakupNew ink, old me.
  7. it’s complicated
    My Quest to Understand Why Bumble Is Full of Guys With Fish PhotosAn investigation into the fishermen of dating apps.
  8. ask a boss
    All Your Questions About Dating a Co-worker, AnsweredWhat do you do if you think your boss is having an affair with a co-worker? Can you ask an old date for a referral?
  9. it’s complicated
    The Men I’m Most Attracted to Are the Ones Who Ease My StutterMy exes have almost nothing in common, except for their ability to influence how I speak.
  10. it’s complicated
    Keeping the Romance Alive Is Tough When You Love Early BedtimesI’m the younger one in my relationship, but I have the sleep cycle of someone much, much older.
  11. it’s complicated
    Long Distance Didn’t Break Us Up, But Moving in Together Almost DidLiving far apart was hard. Learning to merge our lives together was even harder.
  12. it’s complicated
    My Night at a Dirty-Talk ClassAn hour at a striptease dance studio, saying some very raunchy things to strangers.
  13. it’s complicated
    Does My Ex Deserve a Second Chance, or Is It Just Nostalgia?Maybe all the good memories were a sign that we should try again. Then again, maybe those moments weren’t as good as I remembered.
  14. it’s complicated
    Having Sex in a Crawl Space Showed Me I’m Not As Chill As I ThoughtA turning point in my dating life: the moment I realized I like guys who have actual bedrooms.
  15. it’s complicated
    When Breaking Up With a Dad Means Breaking Up With His Kid, TooI’ve gotten over my ex, but I don’t know that I’ll ever stop missing his son.
  16. it’s complicated
    Breaking My Foot Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to My Sex Life“Come over and sign my cast” is a surprisingly effective pickup line.
  17. it’s complicated
    The Struggle of Dating an Animal Lover When You Can’t Stand PetsI tried the fake-it-til-you-make-it approach, until my boyfriend’s cat blew my cover.
  18. it’s complicated
    The Worst Part of Dating an Older Guy Is His Texting HabitsThe difference in how we use our phones makes a small age gap feel much wider.
  19. it’s complicated
    Dating With ADHD Means Constantly Convincing Men I’m Paying AttentionIt’s not you, it’s my brain chemistry.
  20. it’s complicated
    What Happened When I Got All of My Dating Advice From My Evangelical ChurchI thought God was intervening to save my love life.
  21. it’s complicated
    Dating Without Drinking Is Lonely, Awkward, and Sometimes InfuriatingI’m fine with my decision to stay sober. Most of the guys I meet seem to feel differently.
  22. it’s complicated
    Learning to Live With a Partner Who Never Says ‘I Love You’I’m a words person. He’s … not.
  23. it’s complicated
    All the Things I Worry About As My Non-Binary Partner Prepares to Give BirthAttending birthing classes with my partner made me realize the people delivering our baby had no idea how to handle our needs.
  24. it’s complicated
    My Life As a Perpetual 7th Wheel to All My Couple FriendsIt’s lonely realizing that they don’t know how to relate to my singleness.
  25. it’s complicated
    An English Husband, a Culture Clash, and Advice for Meghan MarkleFrom an American expat who’s been there.
  26. it’s complicated
    Being a Vegan With Ham-Loving In-laws Is Harder Than It SoundsMy husband’s parents live in Spain, where ham is part of the culture — so when I turn it down, they take it as a symbol of bigger issues.
  27. it’s complicated
    Going Out With My High-School Crush Reignited All My Old InsecuritiesI felt like a teenager again — but not in a good way.
  28. it’s complicated
    Why I Bring All My Baggage on My First DatesOpening up about divorce, trauma, and mental illness with men I’ve just met.
  29. it’s complicated
    How to Get Through a Breakup Without Losing FriendsThe sweet spot between pushing people away and demanding too much of them.
  30. it’s complicated
    Me, You, and the Fantasy I Projected Onto YouYou think a crisis romance is the start of your new life, but really it’s the end of the old.
  31. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: Her Heart Wasn’t in New YorkTwo exes explain why it ended.
  32. it’s complicated
    When Every Relationship Is an Accidental Love TriangleMy fiancé died 15 years ago. But he’s still forever, and never, with me.
  33. it’s complicated
    Why Did Lake Bell Make a Defense-of-Marriage Movie?Despite its anti-rom-com trappings, I Do … Until I Don’t is profoundly sentimental about the idea of long-term commitment.
  34. it’s complicated
    When You Have Anxiety and Your Partner Doesn’tIt can be a relationship death knell. (But it doesn’t have to be.)
  35. it’s complicated
    Two Hours of Touching Strange Men at Tantra Speed DatingTrying out the latest trend in “mindful dating.”
  36. it’s complicated
    Why Dating in Your 20s Is TerribleAccording to a social scientist studying generational differences.
  37. it’s complicated
    Sword Guys Are a Thing and I’ve Had Sex With All of ThemI’ve determined a hierarchy of sword guys.
  38. it’s complicated
    25 Women on Being FamousZadie Smith, Adele, J.K. Rowling, and more on what it’s really like in the spotlight.
  39. it’s complicated
    The Pros and Cons of Marrying a RobotNo relationship is perfect.
  40. first person
    Physical and Emotional Healing in the Hands of a Younger ManWas it a crush I felt toward my much-younger physical therapist, or maternal instinct?
  41. it’s complicated
    The Summer I Learned I Wasn’t the ExceptionI wanted to be that girl, the impossible one, Gertrude Stein but also beautiful.
  42. it’s complicated
    My Wife Is Breast-feeding Both of Our BabiesA five-month check-in on the wives who gave birth four days apart.
  43. it’s complicated
    5 Stories of Finding Love While Waiting in LineFrom huddling in the rain outside the Whitney Biennial to a surprise blind date at Shake Shack.
  44. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: She Moved in But Didn’t Want to Get SeriousNow he’s photographing her wedding.
  45. advice
    How to Politely Have an Amazing ThreesomeTake care of the following and you’ve got very little to be afraid of.
  46. it’s complicated
    See Classic ’80s and ’90s Personals Ads From New York MagazineSo many self-described Richard Gere look-alikes.
  47. it’s complicated
    The Moment When We Stopped Being Just FriendsAnd all my feelings fell off the shelf.
  48. it’s complicated
    What It’s Like When Your Brother Is Your Wife’s Sperm DonorSeven years later, we’re still figuring it out.
  49. it’s complicated
    Report: Blac Chyna Might Change Her Name to ‘Angela Kardashian’Say it ain’t so.
  50. it’s complicated
    What ‘Conscious Uncoupling’ Is Really LikeAnd how it allowed me to get over my husband’s infidelity.
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