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It’s Miley!

  1. it’s miley!
    Miley Cyrus Wore Pasties and Twerked at the Alexander Wang PartyThey looked like sparkly ice-cream cones covering her boobs.
  2. being miley cyrus
    Miley Cyrus Is Now Selling 24-Karat Rolling Papers For smoking hemp though, guys.
  3. it’s miley!
    Miley Will Wear Lots of Marc Jacobs Looks on TourPlease, God, let there be cat faces on them.
  4. it’s miley!
    Miley Cyrus Looks Moody in New Marc Jacobs AdBrood.
  5. quotables
    Who’s the Biggest Feminist in the World? It’s MileyAccording to who? Miley.
  6. Ratchet Is Dead: Inside the Mind of a Miley Cyrus StylistLisa Katnic, who wardrobed nearly every big music video this summer, is ready for a new look.
  7. party chats
    Joanna Coles Is Over Internet Porn and Gay Male Sex OraclesAnd her Cosmo won’t offer sex advice from gay men.
  8. fugging it up
    Fug Girls: Miley Mania at Rachel ZoeCosmo staffers rushed to their cover girl’s rescue.
  9. it’s miley!
    At This Rate, Miley Cyrus Will Soon Be Hairless She’s one cut away from becoming Alan Cumming.
  10. dye it blonde
    First Miley, Now Elisabeth MossShe’s the latest to go bottle blonde.
  11. it’s miley!
    Miley Cyrus Will Continue to Change Her Hair on a Daily Basis Until It Falls OutOh, wait a minute …
  12. it’s miley!
    LOVE Goes From Beth Ditto to Miley Cyrus in One IssueKatie Grand’s fashion-forward mag delves into teenybopper territory.