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It’s Science!

  1. mythical creatures
    The Good News Is Unicorns Were Real. The Bad News Is They Were Hideous.Like fuzzy rhinos.
  2. it’s science
    Hey, Ovulating Women: Stay Away From My ManOr else.
  3. it’s science
    Law and Order Viewers Are Better at Understanding ConsentA new study found a correlation between watching Law and Order and decreased rape myth acceptance.
  4. it’s science
    Having to Pee Makes You a Better LiarHydrate before you fabricate.
  5. it’s science!
    A Theory About the Moon, From Jake Gyllenhaal“That seems scientific to me.”
  6. it’s science
    Megan Amram Just Wants a Physics Ph.D.A very educational discussion.
  7. it’s science
    Science: Don’t Be a Dumbo About Your DietA new study compares all the trendy food regimens.
  8. it’s science
    Is the Tequila Diet About to Become a Thing?Beats wheatgrass shots!
  9. big hair don’t care
    Wonderful New Research to Help Animators Create Better Curly HairScientists doing great work. 
  10. it’s science
    Study: Humans Have Only 4 FeelingsWe can still eat them though, yes?
  11. fashion ranking
    New York Now Officially More Stylish Than ParisAccording to number-crunchers.
  12. it’s science
    Science Confirms It: Cats Don’t Love UsWe know. We’ve always known.
  13. science says
    Sex Ed: Evolutionary Reasons to Regret That Hookup Why we regret what we regret.
  14. shoes are not love
    Study Shows Shopping Can Make You LonelierBREAKING: Friends are better than shoes.
  15. it’s science
    L’Oreal Patented a Secret Weapon for Gray Hair Taking over the hair care world?
  16. it’s science
    French Guy Says We’re All Set Without BrasAnd the French get Frencher.
  17. tribal chieftain
    Evolutionary Biologist on Romney’s Appeal to Women: ‘Look, the F—er’s Rich’That doesn’t mean women will vote for him. 
  18. stories that belong in the onion
    Female Vote Hard to Predict Due to Periods [Updated]The campaigns didn’t prepare for this.