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It’s Summer!

  1. at the beach
    7 Plus-Size Swimsuits for Living Your Best Life This SummerIncluding one in bright yellow, some great patterns, and even a bikini.
  2. summertime sadness
    13 Black Dresses for Women Who Hate SummerSummertime sadness is real.
  3. brrr
    Air-Conditioning Really Is a Sexist Conspiracy It turns out most office thermostats are calibrated with the comfort of a 40-year-old man in mind.
  4. brrr
    Desk Blankets: Everything Wrong With This WorldWhy are offices so cold?
  5. it’s summer!
    Long Live the Cheap BikiniAn ode to Victoria’s Secret swimwear.
  6. doing stuff
    Nike Is Offering Free Workouts in New York CityHow to get your sweat on while enjoying the summer weather.
  7. it’s getting hot in here
    How to Dress for Work When It’s Hot As BallsFrom the perfect light blazer to the best office jumpsuits, your workwear problems are now solved.
  8. styling ideas
    Outfit of the Week: A Bright Dress and Chic SunglassesExactly what you need to battle the mid-July heat.
  9. styling ideas
    Outfit of the Week: A Suede Tank and a Cool Pencil SkirtSo many textures.
  10. it’s summer!
    Yes, a One-Piece Swimsuit Can Be SexyNo sucking-in required.
  11. it’s summer!
    Everything You Need for a Day at the Beach, Minus the SuitYour beach look could always be sharper.
  12. styling ideas
    Outfit of the Week: Cropped Jeans and an Artsy Tank TopCoordinate with a matching lipstick and cross-body bag.
  13. Be a Great Guest: 33 Gifts Under $100 for Your Summer HostBecause a bottle of wine is boring.
  14. it’s summer!
    The 25 Best, Last-Minute Bathing-Suit UpgradesIncluding many on sale.