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  1. Great Moments in Power SuitsFrom Working Girl to Hillary to Lorde.
  2. The Florrick Effect: Why Power Suits Are Back on TVThe Good Wife, Scandal, and House of Cards feature a softened take on the ‘80s uniform.
  3. Why It Wasn’t Scary to Participate in the Battle of VersaillesDesigner Stephen Burrows remembers the big face-off. 
  4. The Soundtrack to One of the Biggest Nights in Fashion HistoryListen to the Battle of Versailles playlist, including tracks from Josephine Baker, Al Green, and Liza Minnelli.
  5. Bethann Hardison on Winning Over the Battle of Versailles Crowd“I knew I nailed it.”
  6. Liza, Liz, Grace Kelly, and More on the Versailles SceneThe show had no shortage of celebrity attendees.
  7. its vintage
    Robin Givhan on How the Battle of Versailles Irrevocably Changed Fashion “People believed that fashion could have this capacity to be a social engine of change.”
  8. See a Baby Chloë Sevigny and Marc Jacobs Go Grunge In Sonic Youth’s “Sugar Kane” video.
  9. Grunge Fashion Officially Made Androgyny No Big Deal Kurt Cobain and his ilk had a big impact on gender politics.
  10. The Model Who Exemplified Grunge StyleTalking to Sibyl Buck about her flame-haired, Nirvana-listening, skateboard-riding modeling years.
  11. Kathleen Hanna Was ‘Pissed’ at High-end Grunge “It was just a made-up media conception and a fantasy.”
  12. Changing My Mind About Marc Jacobs’s Grunge CollectionI panned it at the time; here’s why I’m revisiting that stance.
  13. Get to Know the ‘It’s Vintage’ Advisory PanelThey will be lending us their expertise throughout the month.
  14. Welcome to It’s Vintage, a Fashion-History BlogA monthlong celebration of  heritage.
  15. it’s vintage
    This Might Be the Best Vintage Shopping Site EverLa Double J goes inside some of Milan’s most glamorous homes.
  16. it’s vintage
    See Rare, Lively Fashion Photos From the ’60sA survey of Gösta Peterson’s early magazine photography opens in New York tonight.
  17. it’s vintage
    The 24 Most Horrifying, Bedazzled Trendlets of the Early AughtsWhiskered denim, Franken-Timbs, and dangerous bedazzling. 
  18. its vintage
    What Lighters Looked Like When Smoking Was FancyThe Denver Art Museum’s new Cartier retrospective pays tribute to “The Art of Smoking.”
  19. it’s vintage
    See Glamorous Vintage Paparazzi Shots From RomeBrigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and many more.
  20. nostalgia
    Revisit the Golden Era of Look MagazineIncluding Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, and other photographic highlights from the ’50s.
  21. transformations
    Pharrell’s Weird Style Gets Weirder Every YearFrom Ice Creams to #PharrellHat, and so much in between. 
  22. it’s vintage
    Etsy Vintage Hunting: Fringe BenefitsSwish swish.
  23. it’s vintage
    Etsy Vintage Hunting: Logos A-Go-GoThe return of ‘90s flash.
  24. ecommerce update
    Now You Can Shop for Vintage via AppThe thrill of the hunt without all that work.
  25. it’s vintage
    Etsy Vintage Hunting: The Brush-Stroke Trend Go hard on the paint.
  26. it’s vintage
    From Beads to Plastic: 50 Celebrities in ChokersFrom Beyoncé to Princess Diana.
  27. it’s vintage
    Etsy Vintage Hunting: Memphis ’80s Design RevivalThink Milan, not Tennessee.
  28. it’s vintage
    A Look at the Fruitful Friendship of Warhol and HalstonA new exhibit at the Andy Warhol Museum celebrates the intertwined legacy of the artist and designer.
  29. etsy edit
    Etsy Vintage Hunting: Pre–Jeremy Scott MoschinoLogos are back, baby.
  30. the etsy edit
    Etsy Vintage Hunting: Peter Max to the MaxWhat to look for on Etsy this weekend.
  31. it’s vintage
    30 Vintage Ladies All Dressed Up for EasterBonnets and bunnies.
  32. it’s vintage
    Take a Trip to Cuba With These Glamorous Vintage PhotosA look back at celebrity culture from the ‘40s and ‘50s.
  33. holiday cheer
    24 Vintage Ladies Celebrating St. Paddy’s DayFrom shamrock sellers to pageant queens.
  34. it’s vintage
    48 Vintage Cheerleading Photos in Honor of Super Bowl XLVIIIAbout as into the spirit as we’re going to get. 
  35. it’s vintage
    Style Tribe: Diehards at the Manhattan Vintage ShowIncluding Jemima Kirke.
  36. diet time
    40 Vintage Ladies in Ye Olde Workout GearGet inspired by ladies sweating in pantaloons.
  37. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 1 Day to Go!Happy Christmas Eve!
  38. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 2 Days to Go!Only two days to get your beauty prep in!
  39. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 3 Days to Go!Spend the day in your prettiest PJs.
  40. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 4 Days to Go!The name of the game is panic wrap!
  41. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 5 Days to Go!It’s right around the corner.
  42. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 6 Days to Go!Are you in the mood yet?
  43. sexy time
    Hot Men in Warm SweatersFrom Marlon Brando in a turtleneck to Kanye in a cardigan.
  44. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 8 Days to Go!Who can resist a bag of presents and fur mittens?
  45. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 10 Days to Go!Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?
  46. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 11 Days to Go!Inspiration for the holiday-party circuit.
  47. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 12 Days to Go!A perfect storm of confetti and pearls.
  48. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 13 Days to Go!Jayne Mansfield models menswear.
  49. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 14 Days to Go!Pierre Cardin’s muse puts a futuristic spin on the holidays.
  50. holidaze
    The Cut’s Advent Calendar: 15 Days to Go!Toasting with Paris’s Kessler twins.
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