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  1. it’s vintage
    How Well Do You Remember Y2K Trends?Put your millennial bona fides to the test.
  2. it’s vintage
    The Favorite Cardigan of Cool Moms Is Making a ComebackHow the agnès b. “Le Classique” snap cardigan became the Chanel jacket of New York.
  3. it’s vintage
    Gallery: See All the Best Actress Oscar Winners From the Past 36 YearsBefore red-carpet dressing became a team sport.
  4. it’s vintage
    Iris Apfel and Norma Kamali on What Vintage Means to Millennials“It’s cuckoo now,” says Apfel.
  5. A Very ‘It’s Vintage’ Good-byeIt’s been a month crammed full of fashion history.
  6. The Legend of the Never-Ending Polo BearInside the Loch Ness Monster of streetwear.
  7. 10 Fashion People on Their Biggest Logo MomentsAnja Rubik tried out Pucci swirls, while Amy Schumer dared to rock a head-to-toe Muscle Beach sweats look.
  8. Everyday Things Karl Lagerfeld Has Put the Chanel Logo OnBeach balls, life preservers, flasks — the works. 
  9. Harlem Legend Dapper Dan on the Power of Logos“The thing is, you can have the status but nobody will know you don’t have the money.”
  10. The Most Logo-riffic Moments in FashionTaking “fashion statement” to its logical conclusion.
  11. Watch Standout Performances From the Yé-Yé EraNapoleon on LSD, awkward dance moves, and gigantic shiny mobiles ahead!
  12. A Singer-Songwriter on Her Biggest Yé-Yé InfluenceHow France Gall left her mark on one contemporary singer’s music and style.
  13. In Praise of Catherine Deneuve’s Rainy-Day StyleIn The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.
  14. Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant Breaks Down Megan’s Yé-Yé Girl LookThe scene marked the first time a minidress was glimpsed on the show.
  15. Why Yé-Yé Girl Style Was Secretly FeministAll those minidresses and lollipops belied a subversive message.
  16. The Comme des Garçons Empire in Chart FormAn avant-garde powerhouse.
  17. Adrian Joffe on the Secret to Dover Street Market’s Success“We certainly didn’t expect to have four DSMs within ten years.”
  18. See Comme des Garçons’ Colorful, Art-Driven Direct MailersThe company has collaborated with Ai Weiwei and René Burri, among other artists.
  19. John Waters on His Rei Kawakubo Obsession“I genuflect to Rei’s destruction of the fashion rules.”
  20. 3 Writers on Their Favorite Comme des Garçons Shows“To me, the clothes looked straight from the future.”
  21. The Illustrator Who Dreams Up Fanciful Sneaker CollaborationsBalenciaga x Jeff Koons, Nike x Jurassic Park, and more.
  22. Inside the World of Extreme Sneaker CollectorsTalking to the director behind the new documentary, Sneakerheadz, about the obsessives who view sneakers as art.
  23. Great Moments in Sneaker HistoryFrom humble tennis shoes to Yeezy Boosts.
  24. Inside the Sneaker Exhibition That’s Coming to the Brooklyn Museum Talking to the curator behind North America’s first big sneaker museum tour.
  25. Meet the Owners of a Women’s-Only Sneaker Store“We found that a lot of women were really liking what was out there for men.” 
  26. Hussein Chalayan’s High-Fashion Take on Wearable TechnologyThe designer who’s making Jetsons fantasies realities.
  27. 10 Fashion People Envision Their Dream WearableMichael Kors wants “Samantha Stephens on my wrist”; Daphne Guinness is out to disrupt the zipper.
  28. Decades of Hand-wringing About Wearable TechWe are all cyborgs typing in thumb code. 
  29. Remembering Web 1.0’s Click + Drag SubcultureModems in the club? Why not?
  30. A Brief History of Wearable TechFrom the first headsets to the debut of Google glass.
  31. Hood by Air’s Shayne Oliver Was Once a Crushed-Velvet-Clad Raver“I had a baby-blue crushed-velvet ribbed turtleneck, and I had pants that turned into a purse.”
  32. The Rise and Fall of the JNCO EmpireBut will the empire strike back?
  33. What Was the X-Girl? Inside the coolest girl-oriented line of the ‘90s.
  34. I Was a Tweenage Baby-Tee FiendA quest for the perfect tiny fitted T-shirt.
  35. An Oral History of Legendary ’90s Rave Emporium Liquid SkyChloë Sevigny, Mickey Boardman, and more remember the downtown ravewear mecca Liquid Sky.
  36. How Fashion Film Gave Models a Voice“People think models are pretty girls who wear a dress and look pretty in front of a camera, and nothing can be further from the truth.”
  37. SHOWstudio’s Panelists and Interviewees Drop Fashion KnowledgeThe style world’s post-game analysis.
  38. How SHOWstudio Embraced 3-D, Instagram, and More Technological InnovationsFounder Nick Knight on being early to the party, and why he wants to make fashion content for robots.
  39. Nick Knight on Working With Kanye, Björk, and McQueenHis criterion for collaborators? “Anybody who’s doing anything interesting.”
  40. Nick Knight on SHOWstudio’s Beginnings and the Early Days of Online Fashion“People had no idea of the reach of it and where it was going.”
  41. Watch a Day at London Fashion Week With Leigh Bowery in 1986Bonus: The segment is hosted by a young, terrified Hugh Laurie.
  42. Revolting Style: How London’s Clubbers Got Dressed in the ’80s“Would you let yourself in?”
  43. In Praise of Madonna’s DGAF Style in Desperately Seeking SusanHer impulsive, mishmashed outfits provided an onscreen taste of the downtown scene.
  44. The ’80s Club-Kid Label That’s Getting a New Lease on LifeTalking to the designers of BodyMap about reviving their influential collection.
  45. The Making of Madonna’s First Album Cover Talking to the art director who worked on Madge’s eponymous debut.
  46. Tom Ford’s Last Show for Gucci Was a Rose-Petal-Strewn DreamEven though the petals got stuck on the models’ stilettos.
  47. Tom Ford’s Gucci Ads Took the ‘Sex Sells’ Tactic to New Heights [NSFW]Where didn’t he put that G logo?
  48. The Sexiest Dresses of All TimeOf course Tom Ford is heavily represented.
  49. Tom Ford’s Most Tom Ford Quotes From His Time at Gucci“Too sexy for the public. You can’t show two people f***ing. We’ll have to reshoot.”
  50. Tom Ford Gets Candid About His Years at GucciAt the house’s helm, he redefined sexiness and glamour in the ‘90s. Here, he takes a rare look back.
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