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  1. loose threads
    Taylor Momsen’s September Teen Vogue Cover Is Out; Rachel Roy to Collaborate With EstelleAlso, Roberto Cavalli rides a Segway.
  2. inevitable things
    Surprise! Roberto Cavalli Probably Won’t Sell a Stake in His Company, After AllInstead, he wants to hand out little Cavalli gadgets to girls standing outside of nightclubs.
  3. things are looking up!
    Just Cavalli Line Saved!Roberto Cavalli renewed the licensing deal with the very same company he hated so much two months ago.
  4. flip-floppers
    Are Animal Prints the Only Thing Roberto Cavalli Isn’t Fickle About?He might extend a licensing deal for his Just Cavalli line for five years. With the same company he hated with a passion weeks ago.
  5. foreigners are fun
    Cavalli Still Uncertain About Selling His Company, But Certain About His New BlogHe’s launching a blog because he ‘would like the world to be sweeter and there to be more love.’
  6. split seams
    Roberto Cavalli Sued for Trash-talking IttierreIttierre has had enough.
  7. tears of fashion
    Just Cavalli Could Be on Its Last LegThe fall 2009 line might not be produced, and this makes Roberto (and us!) very sad.
  8. broke people
    The Company That Owns Gianfranco Ferré and Malo Is Officially BrokeIT Holding has filed for the Italian equivalency of Chapter 11 and the future of Just Cavalli remains uncertain.