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Iud Evangelism

  1. cyborgs
    The IUD: Can Birth Control Be Too Good?My increasingly ambivalent relationship to total control over fertility.
  2. iud evangelism
    Colorado Will Remain a Birth-Control UtopiaThe state just received funding to keep giving teenagers free IUDs.
  3. iud evangelism
    The Freaky History of Your IUD, RevealedGet ready to think about camel uteri!
  4. iud evangelism
    Giving Teens Free IUDs Dramatically Reduces Unintended PregnancyTeens and IUDs: best friends forever, or for, like, ten years.
  5. iud evangelism
    IUD Earrings: Best New Contraceptive for 2015Put these uterine fishing lures on your ears, prevent copulation. 
  6. unpaid spokeswomen
    IUD Evangelism: The Birth Control That ConvertsAfter decades of bad press, the IUD is risen.