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  1. good point!
    Rudy Giuliani Says Jared Kushner, a Man, Is ‘Disposable’And that Ivanka Trump is a “fine woman.”
  2. hot shot
    Ivanka Trump Stops to Learn About Quinoa Before Empowering WomenThe First Daughter is in Peru for the Summit of the Americas.
  3. family politics
    Ivanka Trump Is Mad at Her Dad for Being Mean to Jared Kushner“You don’t give Jared the support he needs,” she reportedly told the president.
  4. vape life
    Ivanka Trump’s Very Serious Science Photo Op Involved Vape JuiceShe’s concentrating so hard at doing science!
  5. white house drama
    What Do Jared and Ivanka Do All Day?Chief of Staff John Kelly would reportedly like to know.
  6. political drama
    How White House Officials Felt About Ivanka Trump’s Trip to the Olympics“This isn’t like going to Italy. The stakes are far higher and more complex.”
  7. politics
    Ivanka Trump Says It’s Inappropriate to Ask About Dad’s Sex-Assault Allegations“I think it’s a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter.”
  8. winter olympics 2018
    Ivanka Trump Has Officially Arrived in South Korea for the Winter OlympicsWhere she’s received two stuffed animals and dined on a meal that “symbolizes harmony.”
  9. white house drama
    Jared and Ivanka Absolutely ‘Love It’ in Washington, Okay?A close reading of the “Page Six” story.
  10. complicity
    Ivanka Trump Endorses Oprah’s Golden Globes Speech and ‘Time’s Up’ InitiativeEveryone is baffled.
  11. drama
    Looks Like Ivanka Trump Unfollowed Steve Bannon on TwitterThe feud has escalated.
  12. nightmares
    Ivanka Trump Reportedly Planned to Become the First Female PresidentThe pair had an “earnest deal.”
  13. product placements
    Investigation Shows Ivanka Trump Mostly Wears Ivanka TrumpAnd sales are still down.
  14. huh
    Ivanka Trump Dreams of a World in Which Taxes Are Filed on PostcardsThis isn’t the first we’ve heard of this “postcard” bit.
  15. education
    Parents Would Rather Pull Their Kids Out of School Than Have Them Meet IvankaIvanka Trump’s visit to a Connecticut school was an unwelcome surprise.
  16. year in review
    25 Wild Fashion Moments from the Trump White HouseFrom Melania’s hurricane heels to Louise Linton’s Instagram.
  17. vanderpump rules
    Stassi Schroeder on Her Sexual-Harassment Podcast DisasterWe talked to Schroeder about #MeToo, Vanderpump Rules, and uh, Charles Manson.
  18. women who work
    Ivanka to Empower Women in India, Just Not Necessarily the Women Working for HerShe has remained quiet about the working conditions of the women she employs in Asian countries.
  19. first daughters
    Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump Defend Malia Obama’s Right to Privacy“Malia Obama should be allowed the same privacy as her school aged peers.”
  20. shaken not stirred
    Why Hope Hicks Wore a Tuxedo in JapanHow the Trump women used their bodies as decoys in Japan.
  21. politics
    Looks Like No One Wanted to Hear Ivanka Trump Talk About Women’s EmpowermentVery few people showed up to her Friday speech in Tokyo.
  22. teen spirit
    Ivanka Trump Says She Had a ‘Punk Phase’The president’s daughter opens up in her mother’s new memoir.
  23. education
    Ivanka Trump Found a Much More Attainable White House GoalIs this “staying in her lane”?
  24. politics
    Ivanka Trump Gets an ‘F’ for Her Work on Women’s IssuesThe Center for American Progress analyzed what she’s done for women and working families.
  25. paper trail
    Jared and Ivanka Fined Over Late Financial-Disclosure FormsFilling out forms is a continuous struggle.
  26. politics
    Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Are Trying to ‘Stay in Their Lane’ NowIn an attempt to keep their positions in the West Wing.
  27. Ivanka Trump’s Well-Documented Commercial FlightIn the wake of Tom Price’s resignation over private air travel, Ivanka flies with the regular folks.
  28. Nobody Wants to Live in Ivanka Trump’s Old ApartmentLowering the asking price by 30 percent hasn’t helped.
  29. politics
    Ivanka Trump Says She Won’t ‘Moderate’ Her Dad in Dr. Oz Appearance“I’m not a decision maker.”
  30. drama
    Anthony Scaramucci Has Some Theories About Tom Brady and Donald TrumpHe speculated about Ivanka Trump and Gisele Bündchen on TMZ Live.
  31. retail woes
    Sales of Ivanka Trump Clothing Have Been Steadily Declining for MonthsBy August, Ivanka Trump–brand sales were down to negative-one percent compared to the same time last year.
  32. first family
    Ivanka Trump Says Her Opinion Doesn’t Actually Count for Much“Some people have created unrealistic expectations of what they expect from me.”
  33. paid leave
    Democrats Are About to One-Up Ivanka Trump on Child CareThey’re introducing a child-care bill that’s more comprehensive than Ivanka’s.
  34. politics
    Trump Likes It When Ivanka Calls Him ‘Daddy’Can’t unhear this one.
  35. first family
    ‘Dreamers’ Held a Candlelight Vigil Outside Ivanka and Jared’s HomeIn hopes the couple would convince the president to extend DACA protections.
  36. White House Won’t Require Businesses to Report How Much Women Get PaidIvanka Trump backed the abolishment of the Obama-era rule.
  37. palace intrigue
    Washington Veteran Says Ivanka and Jared ‘Do Not Understand Their Irrelevance’Despite the number of issues they’ve taken on, Javanka are relatively powerless.
  38. palace intrigue
    Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Says He Can Have Ivanka ‘Out by End of Year’According to reports, the editor thought he was emailing with Steve Bannon.
  39. palace intrigue
    As Steve Bannon Returns, Breitbart Launches New Attacks Against IvankaNew stories on the site recall Bannon’s threats to go “nuclear” on the First Daughter.
  40. book deals
    The Women Who ‘Shaped’ Donald Trump Are Getting Their Own BookA new book will profile Trump’s mother, grandmother, and three wives.
  41. virginia rally
    Ivanka Wants to Be the Trump That Condemns Neo-NazisShe tweeted her distaste for them this morning.
  42. politics
    Guess Where Ivanka Trump Is Opening Her New StoreHint: It’s a very prominent building in New York.
  43. fall fashion 2017
    The Politics of Blondness, From Aphrodite to IvankaFox News and Donald Trump have given blonde hair a new chapter: Now, it is the color of the right, for whom whiteness has become a hallmark.
  44. politics
    Ivanka Trump Would Like People to Expect Less of HerAs she struggles to make a dent in her father’s agenda, Ivanka wants people to lower their expectations of her.
  45. politics
    Betsy DeVos and Ivanka Trump Totally Left This Little Girl HangingShe just wanted to ask a question.
  46. women who work
    New Report Shows Ivanka Trump Made $12.6 Million Since 2016Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made $212 million in income since early 2016.
  47. off with their heads
    Why It Matters That Melania Wore Dior in Paris Last WeekShe evoked the 1950s — and Marie Antoinette.
  48. ivanka trump
    Huh, Wonder Why Ivanka’s Lying Low During ‘Made in America’ WeekThe First Daughter has been AWOL all week.
  49. politics
    Here’s Why Lawmakers Want the FBI to Review Ivanka Trump’s Security ClearanceThey want to know whether she disclosed her husband’s and brother’s meetings with foreign agents.
  50. last night on late night
    Maya Rudolph Reveals the Secret to Her Ivanka Trump ImpressionMake sure you whisper.
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