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  1. celebrity
    Jennifer Aniston Says She Spent Years Trying to Get PregnantThe actor revealed she went through IVF as the tabloids constantly speculated about her desire to have kids.
  2. health
    Chrissy Teigen Is Pregnant AgainFollowing a pregnancy loss in 2020, she wrote that “joy has filled our home and hearts again.”
  3. self
    Would You Share Your Frozen Eggs?For some women, planning for the future means co-creating someone else’s present.
  4. lawsuits
    Two Couples Switched Babies After an Alleged IVF Embryo Mix-upA California fertility clinic faces a lawsuit after two infants were born to the wrong patients one week apart.
  5. no expectations
    ‘It Feels Really Controversial to Be Trying to Get Pregnant’Moving forward with fertility treatments amid coronavirus.
  6. ivf
    A Dutch IVF Doctor Secretly Used His Sperm to Father 49 KidsJan Karbaat swapped in his semen for donors’ and never told his patients.
  7. science of us
    Women Are Apparently Freezing Their Eggs in Their Mid-20s NowNew, boutique fertility centers are increasingly targeting young women.
  8. how i got this baby
    The Mom Who Can’t Imagine Paying for Fertility TreatmentsAn American woman who did IVF in France, where the government covers infertility.
  9. ivf
    What It’s Like to Be a Victim of the ‘Fertility Disaster’Three patients on what it means to lose their eggs or embryos.
  10. ivf
    Woman Gives Birth to Baby From an Embryo Frozen Back in 1992Doctors say this is the longest known frozen human embryo to lead to a successful birth.
  11. how i got this baby
    The Woman Who Isn’t Sure She’ll Be a MomFor this week’s How I Got This Baby, a woman who hasn’t gotten a baby — and doesn’t know that she will.
  12. how i got this baby
    The Mom Who Spent More Than $11,000 on SpermAfter many failed fertility treatments, Katie couldn’t stand the idea of spending another dollar on sperm.
  13. how i got this baby
    The Mom Who Wasn’t Sure How Cancer Would Affect Her FertilityOn this week’s How I Got This Baby, a woman whose cancer treatment made her realize how much she wanted a biological child.
  14. from the archives
    Looking Back at 40 Years of New York’s Fertility JournalismThe millennial baby-boom, in vitro fertilization, later-in-life pregnancies, and more.
  15. motherhood
    There Is Now Hope for Thousands of Women Who Were Told They Hit an IVF Dead EndFor decades, “abnormal” embryos were thrown away. Then some pioneering doctors — and patients — decided to use them anyway.
  16. how i got this baby
    The Mom Who Found Out How Hard It Is to Get PregnantThis week’s How I Got This Baby.
  17. my two cents
    Is Freezing My Eggs Worth the Cost?It’s more expensive than you think.
  18. how i got this baby
    A Mom Who Realized Successful IVF Doesn’t Make Early Parenthood Any EasierThis week’s How I Got This Baby.
  19. how i got this baby
    A Mom Who Wonders About Infertility’s Effect on Her ParentingIn this week’s How I Got This Baby, a mom who lived with an incorrect fertility-affecting diagnosis for nearly a decade.
  20. parenthood
    What Would You Do for a Free Round of IVF?Over 500 people entered a lottery to win a free cycle of infertility treatments.
  21. This Hospital Will Be the First in the U.K. to Create ‘3-Parent Babies’It’s the first facility to receive approval after the procedure was made legal last year.
  22. whoopsies
    IVF Center May Have Fertilized 26 Women With the Wrong Man’s SpermHate when that happens.
  23. frontiers in fertility
    Here’s the First Woman to Have a Baby Using an Ovary Frozen Before PubertyShe underwent chemotherapy when she was 9.
  24. motherhood
    How Old Is Too Old to Have a Baby?The answer is different from what it was even a few years ago.
  25. fertility
    Using One Egg in IVF Is Just As Effective and Probably SaferThere may be no need to risk triplets.
  26. a chance at a family
    IVF and Adoption Costs Will Finally Be Covered for Wounded VeteransVeterans Affairs is finally covering the costs.
  27. frontiers in fertility
    This Groundbreaking Transplant Would Let Women Born Without Uteruses Have KidsThe organs came from random, altruistic donors.
  28. fertility
    Surprisingly, This Is the Best Age to Freeze Your Eggs How to balance declining egg quality against the likelihood that you’d even need to open the freezer.
  29. informed consent
    Women With Cancer Are Woefully Misinformed About Their Fertility OptionsInsult, meet injury.
  30. let’s talk about sex
    How Your ‘Sex Diaries’ Sausage Gets MadeThis week in the Sex Lives podcast.
  31. biological clocks
    Should You Take an at-Home Fertility Test?Real talk about your eggs.
  32. love and war
    IVF Works Better If You’re RichOr if you’re in a female-dominated field.
  33. love and war
    Couples Are Traveling to Europe to Get Pregnant in a Wave of IVF TourismInside the new fertility trend.
  34. pearl-clutching
    Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Dared to Choose Their Baby’s SexHow dare parents play God during a God-playing procedure?
  35. baby news
    Discovery Could Improve Dismal IVF Success RatesResearchers can predict which embryos will be healthiest several days sooner.
  36. VA Can’t Cover IVF for Injured SoldiersRepublicans in Congress think embryos are more important.
  37. baby news
    3-Parent Babies Will Probably Be Legal in Britain Soon The country voted to allow a new form of IVF yesterday.