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  1. celebrity
    2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards – Show
    Has Anyone Seen J.Lo’s Missing Tour Dates?This Is Me … later?
  2. celebrity
    Film Premiere of Daredevil
    Bennifer’s Still Talking About That 2003 BreakupThe couple is rehashing old trauma again!
  3. movies
    Every Thought I Had Watching J.Lo’s This Is Me … Now: A Love StoryProceed with caution: Ben Affleck spoilers ahead.
  4. celebrity
    Maybe Don’t Mess With BenniferOr J.Lo will kindly ask you to “step all the way off.”
  5. celebrity
    Let Me Into the Fake Met Gala Group ChatAnna Wintour, Bad Bunny, and Zendaya walked into a museum …
  6. celebrity
    J.Lo Got a Teary Apology From Ayo EdebiriLopez said the Emmy winner had “tears in her eyes.” The drama!
  7. :)
    J.Lo Swears Ben Affleck Is ‘Happy’ and ‘All Right’Even if his face suggests otherwise.
  8. happy holidays
    Ben Affleck Has a Lot to Do, Okay?So what if he is texting and kissing.
  9. celebrity marriages
    A Bennifer Year in ReviewIt’s been exactly 365 days since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first tied the knot. (They did it again four weeks later.) Let’s reminisce.
  10. enough
    Ben Affleck Is Sick and TiredOur guy is back to being brutally honest about his very bad mood.
  11. dunkin donuts
    Ben Affleck Found His Happy Place at a Dunkin’ Drive-ThruThis Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl ad is Bennifer approved.
  12. boats
    JLo Is Getting Into the Cruise BusinessTo celebrate “women who are making ship happen.”
  13. :(
    Ben Affleck Plumbs New Depths of Existential DespairNot everyone had a nice time at the Grammys, but at least one man was honest about it.
  14. celebrity
    Dunkin’ Donuts Promotes Ben AffleckThe unofficial brand ambassador appears to be starring in a commercial.
  15. is this flirting?
    So This Is How Ben Affleck Signs His Flirty EmailsIs it a promise, or is it a threat?
  16. bennifer
    J.Lo Is Proud to Be Mrs. AffleckIn a new Vogue interview, Lopez defended her decision to take her husband’s name.
  17. extremely online
    I Can’t Shut Up About J.Lo’s LinkedIn PageMaybe you would like to hire this “mom, partner, actor, singer”?
  18. a choice
    Bennifer Waited 20 Years to Get Married at a PlantationThey threw a big party at Affleck’s antebellum-style estate in Georgia, built on property that was once worked by slaves.
  19. celebrity weddings
    Bennifer Is Officially Married (Again)J.Lo and Ben Affleck hosted an all-white ceremony in Georgia.
  20. l’amour
    Bennifer in ParisThe newlyweds are enjoying a classic honeymoon (with their kids).
  21. celebrity weddings
    Even J.Lo and Ben Affleck Wanted a Casual WeddingHollywood’s most extra couple had a surprisingly low-key ceremony.
  22. celebrity
    Ben Affleck Is Looking for Reasons to Be StressedWhy else would he let his 10-year-old son get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini?
  23. hmm
    What on Earth Goes on in This Room?Step inside the chaos of Ben Affleck’s home office.
  24. celebrity
    I Did Not Need to Know All the Details of the Bennifer ProposalFor example, it was during bathtime?
  25. engagement ring
    Bennifer Is Officially Engaged — AgainYes, he got a new ring.
  26. movies
    Every Thought I Had While Watching Marry MeIt feels illegal to watch Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson kiss.
  27. spotted
    We Draw the Line at Ponchos, J.LoAren’t low-rise pants enough?
  28. apologies
    Ben Affleck Is Sorry for What He Said About Jennifer GarnerHe knows his comments about their marriage made him seem like “the most insensitive, stupid, awful guy.”
  29. announcements
    Ben Affleck Would Like You to Know He’s Hot AgainIsn’t it nice to see this guy smiling in a series of expensive wool coats?
  30. surprise surprise
    Guess Who’s Still Extremely Happy and in Love?These two, kissing again.
  31. the masked kisser
    Will Kissing Ever Be The Same?There must be a better solution.
  32. milestones
    Bennifer Is Red-Carpet OfficialAnother relationship milestone in the books.
  33. don’t be fooled by the rocks
    Is a Bennifer Proposal in Our Future?Ben Affleck was photographed perusing engagement rings at Tiffany’s.
  34. um!
    A-Rod Claims He Has Big ‘Darling’ (?) EnergyHe said he’s “stepping out with the big D energy,” but … does he know what that means?
  35. bennifer
    Looks Like Bennifer May Be Getting Pretty Serious?J.Lo is reportedly moving to Los Angeles for a “fresh start” with Ben Affleck.
  36. bennifer
    All J.Lo’s Exes Are Coming Out of the WoodworkNext up: Marc Anthony.
  37. tbt
    Diddy Has Entered the ChatWith a frankly stunning throwback photo.
  38. bennifer
    Oh No, Not Flirty EmailsSo that’s how Bennifer got back together …
  39. bennifer
    J.Lo and Ben Affleck Have Never Been Low-KeyThat’s what makes them perfect celebrities.
  40. celebrity
    At Least One Person Is Not Happy About BenniferA-Rod is reportedly “shocked” and “upset” by the news that J.Lo is spending time with Ben Affleck.
  41. bennifer
    It Looks Like Bennifer Is BackThe former fiancés were photographed holding hands on a recent trip to Montana.
  42. whelp
    So Is Everyone Texting Their Ex Now?It appears Jennifer Garner is taking a page from Ben Affleck’s book.
  43. well well well
    J.Lo Appears to Be in a Very Boston State of MindIs this flirting?
  44. celebrity gossip
    It Looks Like J.Lo Is Texting Her ExShe and Ben Affleck — who broke off their engagement in 2002 — are reportedly “hanging out” again.
  45. celebrity splits
    J.Lo and A-Rod Are Officially OverThey finally confirmed the rumors in a joint statement.
  46. celebrity ‘breakups’
    J.Lo and A-Rod Did Not Break Up Okay??The couple says they are merely “working through some things” and all reports to the contrary “are inaccurate.”
  47. campaign trail
    A Reminder to Call Your Loved OnesBecause it’s the right thing to do (and J.Lo and Michael B. Jordan say so).
  48. skin deep
    J.Lo’s Beauty Line Will Be Here Very SoonThe singer is ready to share her “skincare secrets.”
  49. celebrity beauty
    How J.Lo Looks So Freaking GoodIs this a screenshot of J.Lo’s “Beauty Rider”?
  50. another one
    The Only Constant in Life Is Celebrity Beauty BrandsJ.Lo’s got a new one.
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