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  1. red-carpet watch
    Best and Worst Looks From the MTV Movie AwardsFrom last night’s red carpet.
  2. jersey weddings!
    JWOWW’s Wedding Dress: Just As Classy As You Hoped ForBe glad she didn’t find a bridal bikini?
  3. reality bites
    The Reality Stars’ Guide to BrandingBranding experts help us put together six rules for anyone wanting to build their own brand.
  4. beauty marks
    Snooki Wants a Boob Job; Palin Wears a Bumpit Plus, Chloë Sevigny has dark brown hair on the cover of S Moda magazine.
  5. celebrities who design
    JWOWW’s New Bikini Line Reportedly ‘Defies Gravity’Glinda and Elphaba didn’t mean it quite like this.
  6. beauty marks
    JWOWW Plastic Surgery; Emily Blunt Fragrance AdPlus, Daphne Guinness thinks men need more makeup options.
  7. beauty marks
    Rihanna Wears a Cropped Blond Wig; Lady Gaga Attributes Good Skin to OrgasmsPlus, a clump of Michael Jackson’s hair is expected to sell for $5,000 at auction.
  8. beauty marks
    JWOWW Launches a Fragrance; Dior Creates an Eye Shadow Palette for Art BaselPlus, Lindsey Wixson has a french braid on the cover of Muse magazine.
  9. loose threads
    Ashley Greene Is DKNY’s New Face; J-WOWW Went Trick-or-Treating YesterdayAlso, Urban Outfitters has removed all “Navajo” merchandise from its website.
  10. orange people
    Who Is This Woman and What Has She Done With JWOWW?She looks better than lots of celebrities doing photo ops these days.
  11. slash jobs
    JWOWW’s Filthy Couture Clothing Line Hasn’t Been Shut Down After All“It’s shut down, but not shut down.”
  12. sad news
    JWOWW’s Filthy Couture Clothing Line Shut DownA friend of JWOWW blames “trademark issues.”
  13. wow is right
    Filthy Couture Now Available for Preorder; Bare Butt Graces LogoThis is an e-shop worth perusing.
  14. jhoww?
    Some Pieces in JWOWW’s Line Will Cost Over $1,000The handmade ones, that is. Because obviously she’s doing handmade custom pieces.
  15. get skanky
    Just in Time for Couture Fashion Week, JWOWW Debuts Filthy CoutureModest shoppers need not apply.
  16. wow is right
    Video: JWOWW Shows Off Filthy Couture’s Padded Cups and Lace-Trimmed Bikini BottomsIt’s still highly doubtful your chest will come close to looking like hers.
  17. get skanky
    JWOWW’s Filthy Couture Clothing Line Will Be ‘Sexy Classy,’ Not ‘Porn-Star Sexy’She has a reputation, you know.
  18. tear sheets
    Appearing in Harper’s Bazaar’s Jersey Shore Spread Was Tinsley Mortimer’s ‘Dream Come True’And as it turns out, ours as well!
  19. get skanky
    JWOWW’s Clothing Line Is Apparently UnisexFinally, womenswear for men.
  20. get skanky
    JWOWW Went Fabric Shopping!She’s making men’s and ladies’ wear.
  21. orange people
    Harper’s Bazaar Shot the Jersey Shore GirlsThe fashion industry sure is milking these people.
  22. beauty marks
    Bottega Veneta’s Extreme Comb-overs; JWOWW Is a Fan of Self-Tanning LotionPlus: The simple look at Dolce & Gabbana.
  23. orange people
    JWOWW’s Biggest Jersey Shore Fashion Regret: ‘Everything’She says she was sick during filming.
  24. quotables
    Tim Gunn Is Not a Fan of the Kardashians’ Design CareerHooray for the voice of reason!
  25. get skanky
    JWOWW’s Clothing Line to Be Shredded, ShinyHow many things can one do with a boob sling?
  26. loose threads
    JWOWW Hits the Shows! And Spanx Comes Out With a New Men’s ProductPlus, more designers are selling their collections immediately post-show.
  27. beauty marks
    Lady Gaga Has to Bleach Her Hair Every Three Weeks; Fragrance Foundation Attempts to Boost Fragrance SalesAnd a 21-year-old plans to get surgery to look like Jessica Alba so she can win back her Alba-obsessed boyfriend.
  28. gorillas with hair gel
    Adolescents Look to Jersey Shore for Hairstyling Advice, ConfidenceMakes sense. Fashion magazines have gotten pretty boring.
  29. get skanky
    Jersey Shore’s JWOWW Now Selling Custom Skank TopsThis could this be the beginnings of a full-fledged JWOWW line.