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    J.Crew May Be for Sale AgainFree shipping? 
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    After All That Fuss, J.Crew Got Bought Out AnywayThe company was sold to two private equity firms for $3 billion.
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    J.Crew Shareholders Advised to Vote Against the $3 Billion BuyoutJ.Crew attempts to sway them with flashy PowerPoint slides of celebrities!
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    J.Crew Accuses Angry Shareholders of Being GreedyThey don’t want to pay them any more money.
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    J.Crew’s Angry Shareholders Are No Longer Happy With Their SettlementThey accuse J.Crew of shadily manipulating the terms of its $3 billion buyout.
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    J.Crew Has Extended Their Buyout Bid Deadline to Appease Disgruntled ShareholdersSears still has a chance!
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    Sears and Urban Outfitters Might Submit Bids for J.CrewOne analyst points out that it would be a pretty bad thing for a company like J.Crew to be owned by Sears.