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    This Bill Would Make Revenge Porn a Federal Crime“Perpetrators of exploitation who seek to humiliate and shame their victims must be held accountable,” said Kamala Harris.
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    Congresswoman Says Former Congressman Tried to Pin Her Down and Kiss HerColorado representative Diana DeGette says she was assaulted by former California representative Bob Filner.
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    The House Has Reportedly Paid Out $15 Million in Sexual-Harassment SettlementsRepresentative Jackie Speier revealed this has occurred over the past 10–15 years.
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    Women Say Sexual Harassment Is an ‘Occupational Hazard’ in CongressThey shared their stories with the New York Times ahead of a hearing about harassment on Capitol Hill.
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    Stanford Rape Victim’s Words Read on House Floor“Emily Doe is a survivor in every sense of the word, and her words deserve to be amplified.”
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    Stanford Sexual-Assault Victim’s Letter Will Be Read Aloud to CongressThe special order is being led by California Representative Jackie Speier.